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OOC: Well... if you want to be at the The James Madison University Of Gifted Individuals, you can outside the building like iris is. Or you can have a random government agent bring you there if you want to be roaming in the outside world then just make a place. This is just to give a little backstory to vile.

Security guard: Isaac!! Isaac! Vile somehow has overridden! The gloves saftey system. He just changed all of the H2O in Officer Bobert's saliva to mercury, my brother in la... er he started shaking uncontrollably and thought the steak he ate last night was haunting him. He coughed massive amounts of blood up and his pulse is gone. he's dead. Aggghhhgh! Vile is heading for me...
Vile: I won't hurt you if you won't get in my way. The world must bow at our feet!
Security guard: You killed him!
Vile: I just stopped his pulse. He let himself die... I can't control very well what I change stuff into anyway...
Isaac: -Vile... we cannot take equality by force. It isn't fair, I know i wish for equality too-
Vile: -Hey, I don't want equality! I want our kind to be worshipped as Gods. Now Bye.-
Isaac lifts his arm and sends thoughts of trying to comprehend infinity until vile screams and passes out.
Isaac: I fear stopping him may make him more demented.
He thinks to himself "Timothy V. Canis, He was a sweet child but he's gotten more frustrated I fear for everyone here." He bends over and puts a new looking glove on Vile's hand.
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