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OOC: I need this theme at a slower more managable pace.
Plot: In 2009 Isaac E. Cain a promising student exhibited a strange skill, He would always have the right answer and before he could say it a classmate would. After class his friend said it was like he heard Isaac shout the answer but he didn't. Everyone said the same thing, no one cared because of this Isaac had more trouble as if he was slipping. One day he could hear the teacher think the answer before a question as chaos ensued with his kleptoholic friends. The teacher got suspicious. The teacher had been known for killing students before in fits of rage when they defied him, it was just a rumor and no-one could prove whether it happened or not. His friends ratted out they could hear him, with out hesitating he pulled out a strange device and trapped Isaac in a electric trap. "We have found a mutant Mr. President the DNA mutation has created beasts." He heard the Pres. Say "The previous vice president will arive and take him to a center. The DNA mutation 40% of violent crimes are commited by those." The teacher pulled out a whip and smacked Isaac. "He's dangerous, he's a murderous beast!". Shortly after Dick Cheney arrived and took him away before flying off in a UFO like ship.
That was just the start, many others became mutants. Isacc turned out to seem oddly stable and was made the overseer of The James Madison University Of Gifted Individuals(or in official classified documents "Mutant Penile Hubb 7"). This is nothing more than a prison, when Isaac gives the ok they are drafted into the military and exploited like attack dogs. Isaac hates this and rarely "graduates" anyone. He's found a loophole through the one student per year and only has to sacrifice one life every 5 years. Although it is a prison, Isaac is a nice man and has a kind of safehaven here. It's certainly more safe than freedom. Isaac wishes to form an army to fight for his equality but first he needs strong students his telepathy alone can't save his people.


Ability:(only pick one please and try to not use the same as others.


  • No goddmodding or stuff thats obvious.
  • Only 6 characters without asking
  • Also you can only use 3 of your characters at a time without asking.(IE. one must go away for a while etc.)
  • No cheap shots or cheap actions. (I.E. freezing time and beating the crap out of someone etc.
  • Only one power per character without permission. (theme packs are most likely to be accepted. Like Remember Lithium? Being metal and able to manipulate metal as well as use fire or electricity)
  • Keep it somewhat realistic.
  • Don't have complete control of your power from the start.
Name:Isaac E. Cain
Bio:The first mutant and leader a kind man. He's often seen looking at a school picture of him and a girl and a couple guys, with a sad look.
Appearance: Caring, sad eyes. He has a beard and glasses and often a lab coat.
Ability:Telepathy (reading others memories and being able to project his mind)

Bio:He was discovered only a month after Isaac, He seems sot of unstable and was used to show the danger of the mutants.
Appearance: Eyes that can make you feel uneasy, a creepy smirk, dark clothes and special silver gloves he must wear.
Ability:He can change any element on the periodic table to any other item on the table.

Bio:Just caught today 2019, her story is a sad one child of one of Isaac's high school friends, at the age of 8 her parent was brutally killed by the government, she escaped from their grasp and ran for 2 years before some bad cops found her and abused her then sent her to the government.
Appearance: Similar to Iris.exe
Ability:She can manipulate computers.

A truck pulls up in the middle of a forest. A bruised and bloody girl is thrown out.
Bad cop1: I'm glad the president let us take care of this one.
The second one Laughs before tossing a bag with her stuff so it is spread across the ground around her.
Bad cop2: Did you remember us we killed her kid... But thats not all we did but you know what all we did to her now.
Iris sits up as they speed away...
Iris: All my stuff... and my OWWW!!! My back.
She falls flat on her face crying.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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