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Shadow: I'll kick and lick and knock their block off!
GBPA: grabs him by the skin on his neck. I think you need a lot of training little guy.
Shadow: your the only one who can match my skills. Did any of you hear a rumor about felom and klaton apearing at the memorial?
Gbpa: We probably should check it out after the day is over.
*Blood curdling scream, 2 minutes later*
The principle ninja: We found the obstacle course sensei dead strewn across the course. The day will be cut short, I honestly sugest all of you go home until we tell you.
Gbpa: Creepy... That sensei was so nice. This just makes me want to check out those rumors more do you want to come Kazui?
Other sensei:Principle, shouldn't we report the message we found written in blood?
Principle: We can't frighten the students, they musn't know the killer "wants a new student."

Edit: I fixed the shadow post so the images work when you click... stupid image shack.
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