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Age:2 1/2
Level: Beginner student
Background/bio:A hyperactive puppy with seemingly endless energy, after much coaxing Gbpa managed to get him to hone his natural ninja powers. Although stubborn he is loyal. Some know him as hyper dog, other piranha puppy. His high energy also seems to speed up healing a bit.
Skills:Ultra speed, ultra agility, Higher senses, Blaze (like felom's vulcan only weaker)

Gbpa:Great I finaly summoned the legendary unicorn.
Shadow: *in blaze form speeds by felom quickly*
Felom: what the? Was that thing using the vulcan! Maybe he is the one who will be my sidekick if he can use it. *Uses vulcan and flames shoot out and engulf him as he flys up and locates shadow then crashes into the ground and becomes one with it.
Shadow: I'm finally here Gbpa!
Gbpa: this is my puppy, shadow. I don't know how but he can talk.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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