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Click here for short Plot
This is the land of the ninja called paraven, ever since the great battle 1000 years back with the ninjas bane Felom, the strongest ninja Klaton sacrificed himself to destroy the corrupt ninja. The 2 grew up as brothers in friendship but Felom had the skill of the vulcan, klaton the salamander, both shared the ledgendary unicorn skill. Eventually broke the peace all ninjas had known by going bad. Half of the nation of Paraven was seized by him and renamed it hadeselt, before then all ninjas had the discipline to refrain from the darkness, Felom corrupted many other ninja however, but couldn't take his friend it broke boths hearts until Felom found a new ninja skill which forever condemned his soul to darkness but gave him power. After Klatons Heroic death his aprentice mourned over his demise and vowed to be sure good was always upheld. at the crater where the battle took place a memorial was errected, Klaton summoning a salamander And Felom imersed in the ultimate form of the vulcan skill with klatons kunai through his chest although that never happened in the battle. To this day on the day of the battle all ninjas bow in honor of the statue and skip all meals only drinking all day. Today is the aniversarry at Klaton ninja training academy, all seemed well untill from that sight The 2 were seen again although Klaton was stoned as well as many small animals but felom is loose, The ninjas can only imagine what he is planning sadly the skill used seemed to be a sealing skill. 1000 years was all Klaton could do it for the 2 during those years invincible would battle endlessly. However the skill used was lost during that time. Some ninjas are going bad others will rise and even be ready to die for good.

Rules: No Godmoding (controling others characters, maiming or killing without permission etc.) or double posts.
Try to either make a new more original version of your character as a ninja or make a new one. Remember each new feild needs to be filled in too. Note students and sensei can use a training facility. And sensei are the first ninjas on the battle feild. Student through time can go to higher student levels and advanced can eventually choose to become sensei or regulars. Over time some may also become masters.
Glossarary: Shuriken/ ninja star
Kunai/ the diamond shaped weapon used to hit things hard
Smoke, gas or other bombs/ obvious
the things dropped that peirce to hit enemys feet/I don't remember the name
Skill/ a ninja special ability
Standard skills/The mirage or hologram like skill, agility, anti Hit (where doll or smoke is left behind and the defender is warped a short way off.

Level: (beginer student, intermediate student, advanced student, Sensei (teacher), Ordinary ninja, Master (only the 2 super ninjas mentioned in the plot))
Skills: (Students can use all standard (mirages, silent walking, agility etc.) and 4 original, ordinary ninja 3 skills, and sensei 6, master 15 although they can learn many over the course of the RP)
Side: (Klaton/good, Felom/bad)

Age: 16
Sex: M
Level: advanced student
Look: A boy with camoflauge cargo pants and a fleece/navy with a square symbol on it shirt and he wears a navy jacket with light blue stripes sometimes.
Background/bio:One of the few ninjas who can summon unicorns and the salamander.(BadA** demon horses) He has always felt he would be one of the greatest ninjas.
Skills: Unicorn, salamander, wave (a giant wave rises and washes away enemies), Volcano(a volcano rises and sprays lava or if it's cold(or he uses his wave to an extent) rocks
Side: Klaton/good

And I'll controll the villian
Age:over 1000 although he looks about 44
Level: Master
Look: A man with shoulder blade long spiky black hair that layers down his back getting bigger and a compassionate face that also looks ominous, he wears jeans and a white t shirt and is semi muscular, although that is often hidden by his robe. He also has a phantom like form.
Background/bio:Look at plot.
Skills:Vulcan, unicorn, Fire Pillar, Flame ball, Flame Hadoken, Chaos pillar, chaos ball, chaos hadoken, Chaos vulcan, Arm transform. Ground match (can become one with objects), Hyper ears, hyper eyes, hyper nose, Inferno vulcan.
Side: Felom/bad

Gbpa: *stomache growls, looks at clock and grumbley says* It's only 11...
Random sensei: Ah... alright here take some of my broth the eldars said broth and the like was allowed.
Gbpa: thanks... *slurps it up quickly*
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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