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How this works I'll start posing a crime I'll list some witnessess and list a few claims that some make. Then you must choose to interact with witnesses to get info or investigate things. I will post what they say and if you get anything. then you can try to accuse(try to give a motive too) people however if your wrong you may have to wait a while. If someone wants I'll let them do one ok heres the first.

At 10:40PM at peaches castle the pianta president for isle delfino coming to talk about an alliance collapsed at 11:00Pm he was pronounced dead. testing showed a poison in his wine. The doors were sealed to keep the killer in. when asked
Mario: said I'm inocent I was on this floor all day.
Luigi: Yes both of us the kitchen is up there.
Peach: I was in my room all day getting ready.
Toad 1: I was in the library which is across from the kitchen all day.
Bowser: I had come to kidnap peach when I saw her sneak into the library I went in and no one was there.
Security guard: he(president) told me he needed to go into that empty room down there but not to follow him, I noticed a ninji sneak in and the president walked out with a breifcase and wanted to leave but toad 2 said to justtry some of the food and wouldn't let him leave.

Toad 1
Toad 2
Pianta security gaurd
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