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It was a quiet day on Yoshi's Island, two Koopa brothers were relaxing under the gleaming sunlight..
Marcus: So I here that Kamek is coming and randomly handing out powers..
Markum: Yeah, but that doesn't mean much, he just needs defense against that Baby and the Yoshi race.
Marcus: Yeah, well wouldn't that be cool if...
Suddenly, the sky turned a dark purple, a bleak flash of light shone seemingly throughout their surroundings, and a swoop of light swirled around them.
Markum: Wwww-What's Ggg-Gggoing on???
Marcus shrugged, and hid a smile under his hands.. he knew what was happening.

Soon after, the two brothers woke up.. apparently, they had passed out. They woke up and noticed that they had a green turtle shell helmet, and a hammer in each of their hands.

Ever since Marcus and Markum got their powers, Yoshi's Island was a quiet, peaceful resort. The ripples were rolling, the flowers blowing in the brisk soft wind and the Yoshis were all happy, mingling with a few sailors in Keelhaul Key. The Yoshi Elder had come down with a sickness, so surrounding Yoshis came to Keelhaul Key through the Jungle to reach a cure. Just then a sailboat rolled into the docks... but who was it?
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