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Personality:Frienbly and confident.
Making:I made him as an imaginary friend when I was four. He's my best friend.
Look:Looks like Tails but has a machine gun strap across his chest and a large spiky dog collar around his neck that is too big for him. And he is the coulor red.
History:Was a lost son of Tails. Now he is hunted down by sonic for killing Amy. Also has a ship called the red fox
Speical: Has a dagger that can make ripping uppercuts.
Elemental: Fire, Ice, thunder, Dark, Holy, Goo, Water and ultima.

Name:Kaboom, the yoshi
Personality:Depreesed but funny and confident.
Looks:A yoshi the colour orange.
History:A farmer. Nothing more.
Specail: will cast fire when in trouble

Personality:confident and funny
Look:Has a bow on her head and looks like Tails but the coulor brown
History:Girlfrind of Flail
Elemental: everything that Flail has.
Specail:Ninja stars.

Name: Luteniut
Age: ??
Personality: Loyal and hardworking
Look: Like a lutenant
History: Is the navigator and preserved enginerrist for the fed fox.
Elemental: none
Specail: none
I AM LINK KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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