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Wow, this place totally need help. I guess no one here is into RP's.
But just cause I feel like it, I'll post my most used.

Name: Rosuto
Age: 14
Race: Yoshi
Look: A Black Yoshi with a spike collar wings, a black Toads vest with golden outline and a Yellow Beam Scythe.
Backround: His Clan is Advanced in technology and very intelligient.
Speacial Weapons: Beam Scythe, Telekinesis, Sword
Elemental Strength: Psychic, Fire, Metal, Gravity, Darkness, Sound
Elemental Weakness: Ice

Name: Meshi
Age: 14
Race: Yoshi
Look: An Orange Yoshi with a blue scarf, and a Staff with a flame on the end that keeps changing colors.
Backround: His family took in Rosuto after he fell from Space Sanctuary.
Speacial Weapons: Elemental Staff, Telekinesis, Kunai.
Elemental Strength: All
Elemental Weakness: None really, I guess speed.

Name: Naomi
Age: 16
Race: Ice Shinobi/Human
Look: A 16 year old girl with a strapless red chinesse dress and Dragon arm bracelet.
Backround: She is related t Haku and is a Stealing Nin.
Speacial Weapon: Senbons (Giant Needles) Kunai, Guillotine Sword, a little Psychic.
Element Strength: Water, Ice, Darkness, Wind.
Elemental Weakness: Elec.

Well there you go. I have many more but I don't think this site will have RPG battles anytime soon.
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Rosuto as a Yoshi!!!!!
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