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Baby Bowser
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Name: Vip
Age: Unknown, he is believed to be a few months younger than Bowser JR.

Appearance: Vip is a young koopa whom greatly resembles Bowser Jr. There seem to be many such koopa children as of late, but it's unknown wether they have any ties to the royal family (refering to the Mario Party series). Unlike most the others however Vip does not wear the spiked accesories so popularised by Bowser. He is usually seen wearing a pair of fingerless white gloves, which do not impare the use of his claws. His eyes are green, however they turn yellow during Shadow Impulse, as well as when adjusted to the dark.

Bio: While he only recently entered Bowser's service Vip has already rather established himself. Despite his young age Vip is highly intellegent and aspires to someday rule over the Koopa Kingdom, though he feigns the utmost loyalty to Bowser. Vip is not as proficient as a trained Magikoopa, however he has mastered an obscure spell casting style known as Shadow Impulse.
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