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Hello there fellow Nintendo fan boys and girls, I am PrinceMomo. (Not actually a prince, and even if I was I wouldn't let myself be kidnapped by lizard-turtles so easily, nor would I reschedule meetings in another castle all the time.) Anyways, I suppose I should tell about myself a little. Though I've had to stop receiving education for such for the time, and my skills are very rusty, I technically have enough knowledge on game design that I could make what could be considered a game. As one might have guessed, I like Nintendo, though I do give Sony and Microsoft a try now and then as well. My favorite Nintendo franchises include Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright, (I know that's technically not Nintendo, but save Marvel vs. Capcom, he's yet to appear on a non-Nintendo game as far as I know.) and Smash Bros. I am knowledgeable in other franchises to a degree, but not necessarily a lot. Finally, I like underdogs, and yes, that very much includes Luigi. *Waves green hat around.*