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Super Smash Bros. Guide
I will be makeing the Smash Bros. Guides in order of which game came out.
Chapter 1: Characters


Jigglypuff- Beat 1Player mode on any difficulty, and any amount of lives, then fight Jigglypuff, If you win, you unlock Jigglypuff.

Captain Falcon- Beat 1 Player mode in under 15 minutes, then Fight him, If you win, you unlock Captain falcon.

Luigi- Beat Break the targets with every Default character, then You will fight him, if you win, You unlock Luigi.

Ness- Beat 1 Player mode, on The Normal difficulty, with 3 lives, and No Continues, then Fight Ness, if you win you unlock ness.

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And all the New harvest Moon Game's coming out this Fall for Wii, There's three new one's Coming out :3

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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquillity Guide
The Game Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility came out, October 1, 2008.

The Gameplay Was very fun to me, and it seemed different, yet the same as the other games.

Chapter 1: Up's and Downs-

Spoiler: click to toggle

Chapter 2: Bachelors/ Bachelorette's-
Spoiler: click to toggle

Chapter 3: Heart Events-
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Chapter 4: Ranching-
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More stuff will be posted soon, Enjoy :D

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