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Hear me isolent human scum!
I am sorry everyone. Someone thought it would be funny to release the ":D" virus, someone who knows the secrets of my past. Apparently the seemingly benign virus is somehow related to me and my nude races origins. Upon encontering it, it began to react and resonate to my body. It must have origins to my past; upon research I discovered the virus has always existed, at least for the past 5000 years. It has lied dormant since its creation and just recently infected the internet. However its energy siganture is much like my own. I cannot figure out where it came from, but I am sure it holds the key to my past. I would just hate for it to have released the real me...
GBPA managed to hold me down long enough to see some strange seals on my body using a different aphebet. Being interested in language he cracked the code of seal that was created when the :D-Virus fused with me. He developed a sketch for what he figured could break the seal. After saving me he programmed as many of the symbols as he could remember into my database. Maybe one day i can translate that language.
I am so sorry for the trouble i caused...

By the way my wormholes still work, so check them out.

Hear me isolent human scum!
GBPA, you fink-rat, gonna fight me to the very end huh? You don't know when to quit...
My brain aches at your overalls! I have fury and headache now! But no, SO MUCH FURY! Stupid mustaches! Hairs like the dirty tail of a horse in a barn built by a farmer who is crazy! I have calm. I am waiting like an elevator. I have the commerce. but... the day comes coon when Clarence returns again, and then no baby's candy has safety! I am counting chickens before they are even eggs, before the chickens are even chickens. I WILL! HAVE! FURY! I LAUGH AT DEFEAT! I FIGHT WITH RAGE! I HURT YOUR FACES! D...did I have insanity? Did I... have evil? I suppress the fury, but sometimes... the fury has me. Red and Green puts the fog of
rage in my eyes, and my mind goes crazy.

Hear me isolent human scum!
I have finally realized my true power! A latent energy has always lied inside of me, and it has finally awakened!
That ignorant twit GBPA is longer in control of the NRPM assist website. All his pages are belong to me! I can run that website so much better than an insignificant human. I laugh at your puny brains!
Ha, Ha, Ha! Mwu-har-har-har! Enough of the misplaced villianous laughter!
I have added a new secret area to the Assistant Website. There you can swear your loyalty to Lord Clarence the new future ruler of your inferior planet. I may take mercy and one day reward my closest followers. Those who oppose me will only see death and agony as they kneel before me.
I can't let just any one of you idiots have the pleasure of swearing your allegience to me though, no you must find the "worm holes" I have left on the pages of the Assistant Website.
Just know the time is short until I return to this ilogically constructed forum to take it as my fortress. Then the world will be mine, as many brains as a nudist zombie could eat.
Roosevelt was wrong you have nothing to fear, but a naked god like myself, ready to take control of your precious world for my own selfish pleasure. Resistance is futile, you will never stop me...

beware for I am "The mustard of your doom!" For "I have fury! Snack on my wrath, fink-rats!
Taste the finale, when carelessness opens the door to a comeback not expected by you! Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature drawn by a kid who is stupid! You shall all fall and vanish with your precious Beanbean Kingdom as I laugh heartily at you!