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Guitar Hero WT and RB2 Question
Do RB1 instruments work with GHWT?

And do RB1 instruments work with RB2?

GHWT Question
^^LOL. the other singing game is some American idol game for PS2.

GHWT Question
No, i thought it was on GH:WT. Either way, i wonder if i can pwn it.

GHWT Question
Oh, good. thanks. ley's see if I can get perfect on heartbreaker mic. (I always almost did on some other singing game)

On Tour Decades?
Any one have it yet? if so, what do you think about it? i think it's awesome, an improvement over the first.

Guitar Hero WT and RB2 Question
I have a question. do the instruments from GHWT work with RB2 or vice versa? Also, does the guitar from GHWT work with the Wii version of GH3?

GHWT Question
I can use all the instruments in single player, right? same with RB2? Also, for the mic, do I just sing, or do i have to hit a button?

Guitar Hero: your Higest Score
What was your highest score in GH? I just got 79,260 on Helicopter (Bloc Party) in GH:OT. On easy of course. (that ranked 34th on score hero)