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I am buying this game. It was voted best of E3.


Be the first kid in your class to brag about having the newest in 16-bit technology. The SEGA Genesis. Go buy it now.

This is real and creepy....
Yeah, I'm about to update the rank thread.

AWESOME! :nameiscool:

This is real and creepy....
Jul 26 2009, 03:07 PM
*puts arm around runawayred* You see some people fell on their heads as children and become retarded. Then they develop weird fetishes sometimes dealing with bodily excrements...

(Yay! more matching rank pictures!)

Like them? I thought I'd start with some of the ones we will be currently seeing.

This is real and creepy....
What would someone accomplish if they searched that?

Why hello.
Welcome to the Site!

Wow at our hits!
Wow. I'm pleased with my topic now (even though you edited it) wiggitywack

WTF! *15+ warn*
What the Crap?!?