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The Brawl-Open Tournament
Oh sorry I forgot to put that down wiggitywack

Brawl Friendcode: 4940-5111-1767

The Brawl-Open Tournament
I'll join, hopefully I will remember to go on that day trustme

Groups/songs that need to be on 4?
I agree, anything by coldplay should be in it.

Steppenwolf - Born to be wild
Might be a nice addition

Dragonforce - Heroes of Our Time
I guess another Dragonforce wouldn't hurt :P

I'll add more later

Dark Knight
I want to see this too; and I have no idea if it's actually 4 hours long.

I did the same thing. I got a Nine Pack then I messed up the ten shot.

I'm going to see it sometime soon. Everyone I know that has seen it said it was great.

The how many views game!
I just kept refreshing the page to add more views.

I want Chuck Norris to be President wiggitywack

In all seriousness I would actually vote for John McCain, I think he is the best candidate for President.

Happy 4th of July...
My Fourth of July was good. I ate food, laughed and played the Nintendo Wii with my family...Good Times 'u'

Kung Fu Panda
There are a lot of movies I want to see that are either coming out or are already out in theaters.