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Kung Fu Panda
I just saw Kung Fu Panda recently and I was expecting it to be a dumb movie, but I thought wrong. It was actually really funny, I liked how the main character (Po the Panda) was such a Furious Five fan-boy. So now I'm looking forward to seeing another animated movie (WALL-E).

Back from vacation.
Well, welcome back! Hope you had a nice vacation!

10 Best Brawl Characters
1. Kirby
2. Toon Link
3. Ike
4. Captain Falcon
5. Yoshi
6. Marth
7. King Dedede
8. Link
9. Sheik
10. Ness

Which 10 characters are you best with?

Issue #3
Page 1:
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Page 2:
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Wow I can't believe someone took the time to hack that site and then make a fake display page.

Sorry for the delay
I'm sorry for the delay on the May issue, but I will finish it soon. Expect the May Issue within the next few days.

Thank you for you patience :D

Controllers galore.
I don't own the game, but I've played it a few times. I mainly use the Wii remote and nunchuk.

Heys, TK Here!
Welcome to Nintendo RP!