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Princess Peach
Princess Peach/Toadstool(prin-sess Pee-ch/towd-stool) Posted Image

Princess Peach is a character in Nintendo's Mario series of video games. She is the princess of the fictitious Mushroom Kingdom, and often plays the "damsel in distress" role in the adventure series. Although both Luigi and Mario often come to rescue her it is generally considered Luigi has no romantic interest, instead being interested in Princess Daisy. Most often she is kidnapped by Bowser or one of his minions.

She lives with among various members of the Toad in the castle known only as Princess Peach's castle. Interestingly it is one of few areas that rarely changes in layout or appearance.

Recently she has been playable more often in the various Mario sports games and even beating the likes of King Dedede, Diddy, and Wario into Smash Bros. The Princess's first playable role was in Super Mario Bros. 2-USA (better known as Doki Doki Panic), along side Toad's first starring role.

She was known as "Princess Toadstool" outside Japan until late 1996, when the name "Peach" was added in Super Mario 64, later solely becoming "Princess Peach". In 2008, Princess Peach landed on Forbes Wealthiest Fictional People list, with a fortune upwards of $1 billion. She is ranked tenth in Electronic Gaming Monthly’s list of the top ten video game politicians.

(info found on wikipedia and google)

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