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Gears of War! (Xbox 360) Review
I think i beat that. I beat it in every difficulty already. What about you?

We're never doing one of these threads again!

Gears of War! (Xbox 360) Review
Gears of war is the best. I beat it and the graphics and all of the aspects of it are the best. I beat it in all of the difficulties and collected 28 tags. I have basically nothing more that i hVE TO DO BUT HAV FUN NOW.

phantom hourglass discussion
how do you mean similar?

Merry christmas
just kidding april fools!!! :Nuts:

very difficult, ill let someone else try to answer, i have no clue at all.

Chapter Three
It was dark and there was no sound to be heard. Then Megaman Lighted the area with a light from his suit. He saw Protoman and Roll, and then he felt something, behind, and after turning around saw Bass.
"Where are we?", asked Roll, who was standing close to the group very intimidated.
"Some sort of headquarters for the senders of the messege i suppose," Replied Protoman.
"When will we get this over," Shouted Bass who was pacing back and forth waiting for something to happen.
"I dont know," replied Megaman, who was examining the room carefully.
Then a beeping sound was heard and from the dark ceiling there were lights that were off. The lights were circular and were small and were in the ceiling. Then after ten seconds after the beep the four lights turned on.
The four robots saw that they were in a cube like mettalic room.
Bass started to blast at the walls but he had no luck. Megaman joined him.
Roll stood there watching as did Protoman.
"These walls are made of titanium, stated Protoman."theres no use in trying to break them, we're prisoners.
Roll started to pound on the wall.
Then a voice was heard.
The voice said,"The first round of the tournament will comence in two minutes. It is the survival round and you must all work in a team to escape alive. You must reach the end and fight the robot master. That is all, you have two minutes to prepare.
The voice stopped. The four robots looked at each other.
"We must work as a team,"stated Roll."We all need to cooperate with each other and that involves you both, Megaman and Bass.
Megaman and Bass stared at each other. They seemed very competitive.
Bass then responded"I dont work with anyone, I'll go on and win."
"Stop acting that way, lets just help each other, thats what this round is about,"Replied Megaman.
Then the titanium cube dissapeared and they were in a forest area. Clearly the survival round had begun. Without an instant Bass started to race off.
"Wait we have to stick together," yelled Roll.
But Bass was to far away to hear and he wouldnt have cared or listened.
Megaman, Roll and Protoman were left. "We need to find him, said Protoman.
"We dont need him, lets go on and save the world,"said Megaman.
"We need him, to win this round we must all be together. We should split up. But if we do we will have to meet somewhere", said Protoman.
"Split up? thats not a good idea, we should all stick together so nothing could stop us," Roll replied anxiously.
"How about me and Roll stick together while you go alone,"replied Megaman.
But to their surprise Protoman was gone and he had probably had been for awhile.
Bass was running and he was Blasting away with his buster at the trees to get through the forest.
Then a ninja like robot appeared.
Bass stared and asked,"who are you, you better explain quick, because your wasting my time."
"My name is Ninjaman," Replied the robot.
"I am not a robot master but i am the next best thing. I am powerful enough to destroy you. I see your alone and that will be your downfall.There is a robot master but also in these areas there are robot hunters, many and im one of them."
Ninjaman took a leap and through a dart quickly that Bass was unable to dodge it.
Bass was hit but not down yet."I'll destroy you for interfering you inferior piece of junk!!!", shouted Bass. Bass dodged another Dart and started to run in a circle around Ninjaman and was shooting rapid blasts from his buster.
Bass had a smirk as he saw all of the shots hit Ninjaman. "You cant even dodge my moves, your pathetic, and to think i was going to use my strong weapons against you. Your a waste of metal."
Ninjaman was still in the same spot since the beggining getting shot by rapid buster shots going in circles from Bass.
Then Ninjaman leaped in the air and smiled and then shot a dart at Bass. Bass moved out of its way but then noticed it was a trick as Ninjaman approached at such a speed that He threw a fist that sended Bass flying only to collide with a tree.
"How did you do that?", asked Bass who was infuriated that he had been brought down.
"You call me a waste of junk, You missed all of those rapid shots. You see i am so quick that i dodged every blast you through at me. I think your a waste. I move at extremely large amounts of extreme speed that i can be very stealthy," Replied Ninjaman.
"No, it cant be. How could i have missed. Well i wasnt trying and im going to beat you anyways."
Then right as Bass approached Ninjaman disappeared right before his eyes.
"Where the in the world did he go. He seems to have extreme speed and good stealth skills but i'll find him," replied Bass.
Bass then activated his power Lightning Bolt(which he gained after beating DynamoMan). This power fires a lightning attack that damages all enemies in the area. After using this Ninjaman was revealed, he had taken the shock and was damaged. Bass's Weapon Energy Gauge was decreased a little after using that move.
"Bass then yelled,"take this!!!," as he shot a Magic Card towards Ninjaman. (Magic Card was obtained after beating MagicMan). This power fired cards straight to the direction he aimed at or up. The card hit Ninjaman, Then Bass started rapidly shooting Magic Cards at him. Ninjaman was hit by all of them, but then he leaped in the air and took out a Giant dart. Bass then gave himself and upgrade that allowed his buster shots to become more bigger and stronger.
He started to shoot this at Ninjaman. Ninjaman instantaneosly moved the giant Dart in front of him using it as a shield. After the smoke cleared out, Bass was shocked to see that the Dart blocked all of the blasts.
"This is a Titanium Dart, and cannot be destroyed, but im going to use it to destroy you."
He then came with great velocity and speed towards Bass. Bass started to shoot buster shots but all shots were missed as he was going to fast and he moved from left to right evading all damage. Then he jumped and had his Dart on his arm and dived in like a meteor.
"Prepare for your destruction," yelled Ninjaman.
He came in so fast that there was barely enought time to dodge.
Bass didnt take all of the damage but he had been hit with at least 80% of the force.
Bass was on the floor, then Ninjaman dissapeared and reappeared behind Bass.
"You lost Bass", said Ninjaman. And with that he moved his arm with the Dart so fast and quick towards Bass to annhilate him.
"No its just getting started", and Bass slid and evaded the fatal slice and punched Ninjaman. He then leaped back. Bass knew he was weak, but he wouldnt give up. He was to determined.
Bass was really infuriated and he ran towards Ninjaman.
Ninjaman moved quickly towards him and they were about to both clash together.
Then right before both clashed together Bass yelled, "Gotcha, take my Ice Wall.(Power obtained after beating ColdMan.)It is an Ice Wall that pushes towards the opponent and deals damage.
Ninjaman was caught of guard and was sent back with the Ice Wall and was slammed into a tree. Ninjaman was now irratated and blasted the Ice Wall that held him captive with many darts. He was just about to attack merciless when he realized Bass wasnt there.
"I know your here somewhere Bass, I can feel it. I will hunt you down.", yelled Ninjaman.
Ninjaman was searching the forest when he heard a noise behind a tree, he rushed towards the tree and threw a thousand darts, but there was no one there.
"Where is he, he couldnt have dissapeared. He's making a fool out of me.", said Ninjaman.
Somewhere above in the trees was Bass. He was playing mind games with Ninjaman. He shot a quick buster shot towards a area behind Ninjaman.
Ninjaman turned around and slashed but there was no Bass to be found.
Bass then went down and yelled,"here i am", and he quickly and quietly advanced to another area.
Ninjaman went to the voice and there was no one there. Then Bass activated Remote Mine's which were all in the area that Ninjaman was. He had left them all their.(Weapon given after destroying PirateMan). Remote Mine is a magnetic mine that sticks to the enemy, and can be detonated after shot or placed somewhere. All of the mines were shot and all exploded on Ninjaman causing severe damage. Bass's Weapon Energy Gauze was below half way.
Then Ninjaman leaped into the air and shot thousands of darts to the forest cutting all of the leaves, trees and bushes. He revealed Bass's location.
"Your going to pay!!!", yelled Ninjaman who dived towards Bass and started to slash Bass with Darts. Bass was losing life but then he jumped and shot a tree that landed on top of Ninjaman.
Bass then noticed Protoman was behind the fallen tree. "i Dont need you," yelled Bass.
Bass saw the tree containing Ninjaman move and when he looked back for Protoman, he had dissapeared just as silently as he had appeared.
The tree was thrown to Bass and Ninjaman started to kick Bass. Bass was recieving a lot of damage as Ninjaman's boots had spikes in the bottom. Bass's life was extremely low.
Ninjaman still had a quarter of his life left.
"Its time for the Flaming Dart Meteors of Doom attack,"yelled Ninjaman. and he activated his attack and many flaming darts were coming from the sky all towards Bass.
Bass started to dodge as many but he was getting hit, He was in the verge of losing, but then he used Spread Drill. (move given after destroying GroundMan). This move shoots out a giant drill, that can be broken into smaller drills many times. He used this move three times and kept breaking them down into smaller drills which blocked the darts.
Ninjaman dove in to slash him with his Dart Finisher.
Bass had a smirk in his face, he used the strong buster shots while he came, and Ninjaman's life was getting depleted but he came at full force.
Then with the last of his weapons energy gauze he used Web Burner(gotten after beating BurnerMan).Web Burner shoots out a flame in a wig wag formation that can burn anything. he moved back just as Ninjaman barely slashed him and activated Web Burner Right in front of him and the flames went through his body.
Bass stared at Ninjamans face and vice-versa, "see you are junk after all", stated Bass as the flames went through and destroyed the robot hunter.
Bass fell to his feet and was relieved he had won. He needed to recover his life and weapons, but he had succeded. He moved ahead.

phantom hourglass discussion
i m gonna feel weird when i play that game, its a new thing that we arent used to.

wow i cant figure this one out, im going to have to think.