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6th Icon election phase 1
zero(x series)
dante(devil may cry)

Megaman ZX 2
please dont asume, i just thought you werent giving credits to the originals. But i like the zero series is similar to the originals as the gameplay. The screen slides to left, and bosses etc.

yes i was right. the motive.... well maybe she wanted to take over the kingdom.

Megaman ZX 2
I picked option 3. also without originals this wouldn be here.

PS:i want to know how you get a group changed in here.

This brings my hunch back that it was you peach. why are you sweating also why were you in the library like bowser saidyou were.

oh alright. heres chapter 2.

Chapter Two

Megaman ran closer to look. At first it was hard to see who it was but before he actually saw him he had realized who it was. It ran through his mind of the thought of how could he have had over looked him. It might have been that he wasnt at the house, and that he is always silent and mysterious. He aproached his brother Protoman.
"Protoman i need to"-his sentence was interrupted by Protoman.
"Megaman, i know your going to ask me to help you. I know all about this tournament, i dint say anything as i was searching for a robot to help us but i havent had any luck. I would have joined but the thought that you forgot about me, was it because you didnt want me to out do you?
"Huh", Megaman responded. Though that could have been a reason that he had forgotten his own brother.
"No, its just that you are always so silent and never there, but you really are. And you will be perfect in our team."
"Well lets get going,"Protoman replied without hesitation."we need to stop wasting time and find the last robot to help, and we have less than three hours to do so. We'll split up. Protoman took downtown and Megaman took the main city.
Megaman was running when a shot was fired at him and he was shot down.
"Well, good to see you, but to bad you have to die!!"
Megaman saw and realized Bass was the attacker. "Not know Bass we cant fight"
"Dont tell me what to do, and im gonna finish you now!!!" He quickly took out a Tengu blade that he had aquired after beating Tenguman, and launched it and saw Megaman dodge it partially.
Megaman fell, and jumped in time to evade rapid fire blasts from his buster and started to get on his feet. He realized reasoning with him would be useless, but he had to win this fight quickly for he needed another robot. He ran dodging attacks and without no one noticing had a charged shot and fired it at Bass who was caught off guard and fell to his feet.
Bass jumped back to his feet emmediately and started to blast away with rapid fire blasts, most of them connecting and doing damage to Megaman. At the same time Megaman was connecting shots from his buster to Bass. Both had a charged shot ready and they both shot them towards each other.
Suddenly quickly and silently Protoman came and sliced both the shots and destroyed the shots. He stood in the middle of both Megaman and Bass who wanted to get each other. Protoman stared and told them this wasnt the right time. Bass was getting irritated and decided to start firing at Protoman.
Protoman had expected this as he calculates moves and he dodged all but two shots that connected. Protoman looked surprise to have been hit and then he asked Bass if he would join their journey.
Bass responded with" I dont work with nobody, i dont need any of you, i will do this quest alone, and then i will get Megaman."
Protoman explained the rules and every detail to Bass and after long arguments they had come in terms.
All three of the robots reported to Dr.Light. 1 hour and 30 minutes remained. Dr.Light contacted Dr.Wily through a computer, and for once was happy to see Dr.Wily's image on the screen. He explained it all to Wily and they talked. Wily agreed, He explained how he had only agreed because he needed the world to be okay so that he could one day rule it. Wily in his mind though saw this as an open opportunity to strike after all the damage is done or after they leave. But he was still pondering and was more interested in the tournament. Both Light and Wily transferred and equipped weapon tanks and energy tanks along with weapons to each of the robots and wished them good luck. Light pressed the button and a click sound was heard.
Then a voice was heard from the note, "You have 1 hour to find the mystery spot where the sign is. If not found by the time limit you will have failed and we will annihilate the earth. The robots must search alone and the DR.'s cannot help, this is a test to see if they are worthy to compete. if they pass then they will hopefully be your salvation, if they fail then unfortunately they will perish along with the rest of you as earth is destroyed. Begin!!!"
The four robots ran out in search,the catch was they all had to be in the location. They all searched below bridges, behind buildings and everywhere. They had no success. There were only 15 minutes left. Megaman stared at the picture they were sopposed to find and wondered where it was. Bass took a look and said" how the hell are we sopposed to know where that junk should be?"
"We have to keep trying," replied Roll.
"Let me see the picture", Protoman said as he took his first glimpse of the picture. Then a smirk went on his face and he raced off very quickly and they all followed. They barely stayed caught up to him. Then Megaman and the rest of them saw the picture they had been looking for.
"How did you know?, Roll and Megaman both asked.
Protoman turned around and replied," i had seen it when i was searching for the extra member for the team."
Bass stared at him and then said,"alright lets get on with this, i still want to beat you Megaman."
They touched the picture which was in the downtown area and a light started to shine, then a beam of light beamed down and transported the four robots to another area. They had done it with 3 minutes and 23 seconds remaining.

Where were you Ninji?

alright thanks for the help. explain to me though what zenny and those nrpm things are.

I suspect it is peach because bowser saw her going in the library and then she probably had a secret escape route to leave. she did it, she should pay. :You drove me nuts:

so it will be here right? alright ill keep posting the chapters.

phantom hourglass discussion
is it coming out anytime soon. The game will be good as the bottom ds screen will be used maybe for maps and puzzles.

Sonic and the secret rings
this game is good but you cant control your character in directions, they do it for you.

yes lease do im still not used to it here. :You drove me nuts:

How smart do you think kirby is?
absorbing albert einstein would make him the smartest

6th Icon election phase 1

Tournament of


Tournament of Doom
Book One

Chapter One

Megaman was wandering in the city when he got a virtual messege from dr.light requesting for his presece at their home. Megaman took no hesitation and left eager to find out what that important messege was about. Megaman didnt fathom that it would be one of the most memorable and challenging obstacles he would face. After running for ten minutes, Megaman decided to take a shortcut through the streets by jumping down to another level, where he went to his house. He knocked on the door and Roll opened the door with a greeting.
"Welcome back Megaman, Dr.Light wants to see you." Megaman greeted her and then turned his attention to Dr.Light who looked very serious.
"Whats wrong," asked Megaman. Dr.Light stood there.
After a good while he responded, "Megaman, the matter of me calling you is very urgent. Megaman much time was wasted with your arrival as you could have teleported."
Megaman thought to himself how foolish he was to remember he could do that, but then listened carefully.
"Megaman, There will be a tournament being held in exactly 23 hours and 40 minutes, it was originally 24 hours but your arrival has made time go by, but this tournament will decide our existence as if we lose the sender of this messege and his race will come to earth and obliterate the planet.
Megaman was shocked to hear this and responded" lets not participate in it and we cant get killed."
Dr.Light stared at him and nodded, then responded " we have no choice. If we decline their tournament offer, it will be seen as a forfeit and in the virtual messege that i recieved a forfeit would result in The destruction of earth. They demand an answer by the time the time i mentioned is over."
" I'll take them on," yelled Megaman. This tournament will be easy, i'll just equip all my weapons and ill be ready." "So whats the problem?"
" The problem Megaman is they have 3 rounds to this tournament. The first round was described as the survival round. In this round they mentioned you must have 3 other members that will aid in your group and fight along side with each other. They requested the best that there could be. In this round you will explore areas that have traps and other elemnts that make a dangerous scenario, and aside from that there will be a robot master."
"The second round consists of seperate battles. You will not be with your team and you will be fighting alone against other people in tournaments. There will be four tournaments, and each of the members of each team will be seperated in a tournament. "
"The third round will be the most brutal of them all as it deals with only three of the members of the team. Either way one will be eliminated through votes or by the last round. This round involves elements of the past rounds. You will have to survive 1 area, and fight 1 robot master. In that area there will be another team. If both teams are to come in contact you must battle the other team. After all of this is met they didnt elabotate much more but they said that all was not over. They said to be expecting a good twist after this is met."
"I can handle that, it will be hard though. How do we accept to their terms after we are done, because i really want to get in the action and save the world,Megaman stated"
"Megaman, its not that simple. If you accept to their terms and arent ready to their rules then the earth will be destroyed. First of all we need 3 other powerful, fast and intelligent robots to help in this quest. We need them quick. And even then there is still a problem. The note has a button that you press, this will initiate another twist that is very serious in the matter. After the button is pressed, you and your team of selected robots will have to find and area in the city that has a sign with the image of this picture on the note. And you will only have one hour to this. Right now we have approximately 23 hours and 20 minutes to gather a team or else."
I'll join, a voice replied from the doorway. It was Roll. She had been listening to the conversation from behind the door. "i'll be in the first round and then you can vote me out for the later rounds."
"Execellent", Dr.Light replied. "Now we only need two more robots that could assist us in our journey. Megaman, go to the city and search for another robot."
Megaman agreed and replied, " I'll be back soon". And with that Megaman rushed out of the house and into the city in search of partners.
Megaman searched and searched. He was even begginig to get tired. One hour had passed. Megaman was getting tired and decided to take a break on the park and think of who he would choose.
Magaman opened his eyes and he saw that he had tooken a nap. He awoke and noticed that the sky was darker. Then he remembered that he needed to find robots to help. He looked at the time and noticed that three hours had gone to waste sleeping and decided to start searching. He looked and looked and couldnt find nobody. After it got late, Dr.Light called and told him to teleport back. Megaman did so.
After he arrived Megaman was asked to take a rest. Dr.Light told Megaman that he would search an analysis on robots in the city and around the country that would be suitable for this job.
Megaman awoke in the morning and asked Dr.Light if he had found anyone. Dr.Light responded" I couldnt find anyone that would fit that profile. Megaman we only have four hours left, i need you to search the streets and ask.
Megaman ran of and started to ask many about a robot with great fighting characteristics. Another hour went by and Megaman was aware, but he was trying his hardest.
Then soaring from the top of one of the tallest buildings stood a robot, he wasnt very visible for he was at quite a distant, and he appeared to look like a shadow. He was staring at him from far away. He had a sword in his hand.

Metroid prime 3 discussion
imnot sure if that is true, i was trying to know but people kept saying otherwise.

Mario party 8 discussion
yeah that will definitly be there, you can all tell.

Blood Hound
yeah its me SHADOW X

5th icon election phase 3
i liked the pyro guy one it was good.