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I'm kinda late, but who cares...
Wait, you only have one class that the genders are separated? 'My schools worst idea was that one sex segregation class' or all classes segregated? Sprechen Sie English?!? Meh, never had that problem. Of course it sounds like a lot of the guys in your school have trouble talking to girls. Usually the ones to do inappropriate things with school equipment are... No offense...
Oooh. On another unrelated note... I walked for like four hours today (straight.) I'm kinda sore now though, it used to be I would do that all the time, but being a Scandinavian prevents me from doing it during the summer.

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
I don't see how that was even remotely related to shooting four bull's-eyes in a row... Or appropriate for that matter. :XD:

(No, no I haven't.....)

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
On Sunday I went to a .22 range. I was doing pretty well throughout the time I was there (About 3 hours,) but the end is the real deal here. I had four bullets left, so first shot I make, clips the bull's-eye on the bottom side, the next shot clips that one to the left while still touching the bull's-eye, the third goes right between the two first shots while still clipping the bull's-eye. The fourth, and final shot clips the far left shot while still clipping the bull's-eye. :I dont no anything about that...: It was so awesome, especially since those were the last shots I made that day. Ever do something like this?

This is REALLY interesting!
You didn't even use street language... :XD: 'Posterity' is not a word a common bum would know.

Our taxes are paying police to play with the Wiis of criminals!
I heard about that, but I thought it was fake. :XD:

Killers rock anyway. XD I'm listening to Golden as I'm typing this message.

Goooollldeeennn, you are golden! You are golden, child, yeah golden so don't let go, don't let go tonight!!! I love that song.....

Gameboi834's comics
Um, no, I made a sprite comic awhile ago and I regret doing it now. Your one was pretty much like mine, random, not that funny for the most part, 'cept mine didn't use strong language either. Nothing personal, but I just don't like it.

Dude, being a freshman in hischool is infinitely better than being an eighth grader. :XD: All middle schoolers are jerks, I was a jerk in middle school (you probably are still a jerk in middle school =p sorry, but it's just how it is.) Heck, I've only known like one middle schooler that was a jerk, but he wasn't only in middle school for like one year because he was smart enough to skip. In hischool you are either an jerk, a weirdo, a geek, or a nobody...

Offically done with Nintendo
D&D is one of the few real rpgs :XD: Sims is actually another rpg that is true to the definition.