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How is school?
If you any of you get on and read this I'm just asking how people are doing back in school...

Me, I started last Tuesday (meaning a week ago yesterday.) So far I've been doing really well, but this is just the introduction, I'm taking Algebra (my eyes!) And Biology (eww) I can't wait until I get back into archery... Which is possibly the funnest part of my school year... Also I may be joining another archery group including the one I'm in, so I'll be taking it twice. :nameiscool: According to one of the instructors in my original group I could actually go into archery tournaments, he says I have the right style for shooting, if I had better equipment I'd could easily join an actual team instead of a class.

Dargh! A kid came into my house, went into my room, when he left, he left my bedroom door open so my cat came it, opened my gerbil cage takes the mother out and kils her... Now I need to raise five gerbils babies... It's possible, but tough and the chances of them surviving are now even slimmer... Especially since they can tell she is gone, after she died they got really restless...