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I may be male, but I'm not a incredibly sick-minded one... Though watching a car crash would be something I'd do. wiggitywack Back to main topic.

I bought it pregnant (you have a really sick mind,) but really though I wanted a female (less aggressive) I didn't want a pregnant one. Unfortunately since I didn't know she was pregnant I put cedar chips in cage they are bad for baby gerbils, actually they can be bad for adult gerbils sometimes, but my one has last three weeks so I think it's fine. I should be able to hold the babies tomorrow (she knows my scent.) I've been looking up stuff on how to take care of baby gerbils, some of the stuff was obvious, like the momma would do most of the stuff, really what I didn't know was I should actually hold them a lot after a few days so they get used to me. Another bad thing is the cage really needs cleaning, but I can't clean it for awhile. In the end I'll probably keep one (another female) since though my cage is small, they should put up with each other, I'm going to be asking my friends if they want a gerbil in about a month, after that any ones left I'm going to see if my neighborly pet store will take in.

My gerbil had five babies yesterday... Unfortunately my cage only fits one, it's gonna take like a month before I can give any of them away...

Need a 360...
Meh, I don't want this game that much. I've been checking it out a bit more, apparently the people from IGN.com didn't like it that much, Gamespot did... It doesn't look like it compares to epics like Wind Waker, but it still looks better than what IGN said it was.

Need a 360...
Because of the hype about FFXIII another Squeenix game that is coming out for the 360 that should've been hyped even more. I am talking about Infinite Undiscovery, a 360 only game (unfortunately) this game looks like the best I've seen yet this year (I'm counting Brawl here as well.) It is due to release Monday which is why I am surprised I only found out about it today at Gamespot.com. The game looks amazing, the voice acting is half bad, the only setback I've seen so far is the fact that your player shouts what move he is doing in battle (a trait in games I have never liked,) but other than that everything about the gameplay looks amazing. The graphics though not as good as FFXIII's still look amazing (more than anything the Wii could handle,) the animation is well done, the only thing I've seen so far that wasn't superb was when a dragon was flapping it's wings up and done, the wings were a wee bit choppy. I only know a bit about the story, it takes place in a world where the moon is a very essential key to everyday living, I don't know all the specifics, but some gang or organization type thing chains the moon to try and harness it's power even more so. Some hero stands up to fight them, but he is not the main character, the main character is some nobody who looks exactly like him, because of this he gets thrown in jail and has to escape... Other than that I don't know much, but for the most part this game looks awesome, however there is just one setback... I DON'T HAVE A 360!!! T_T What I'm probably going to have to do is buy it and borrow my brother's 360... Unfortunately it's his favorite game system so I'll probably have to lend him my Wii in exchange... Or my soul... wiggitywack )

Anyone here watch Psych?
*High Five!* Do you see last week's episode? "Turns out our jurisdiction only goes up to three miles off the coast, so the coast guard shoved us in a tiny cabin called 'the puke deck'" wiggitywack

Anyone here watch Psych?
ABC has it now I think. Meh, my Wife and Kids is da best!

Back to main topic!

Anyone here watch Psych?
I watch Scrubs, but it is a little more crude, I prefer cleaner humor, and personally I think The Office beats any of NBC's comedies.

Anyone here watch Psych?
I love this show, though I have to watch it online 'cause we don't get the USA network. wiggitywack If you've heard of the TV show Monk then I'll tell you Psych is similar to Monk just it's a little less serious, I mean Monk is funny, but Monk is more of a drama than Psych. Now in Monk you see a crazy guy solving crimes, but in Psych you see a guy who pretends to be psychic, but he is still able to solve crimes by being very observant. It's a good show, I'd recommend it to anybody.

PS: If you don't get USA network on your TV, then go to USAnetwork.com click on Psych videos.

Metroid Prime.
Augh! I need to get the third Artifact I've gotten all the ones listed on the totems except for that one, and I believe once I get that on it'll tell me where the Pirates have the others... (As you can see, my dad let me play it wiggitywack ) This game is fun, challenging at times, but fun, though some half pipes can be a little annoying, particularly with the camera bouncing around.

silence for Miyamoto
I heard about this like a week ago, apparently they can, and they did. Though it is kinda funny Miyamoto is part of the reason Nintendo is so big nowadays, after all he produced Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, and this is just to name a few. With this happening we won't hear much about Pikmin 3.

Well crud...

(Good idea, I spent my money on a gerbil *and MarioKart doubledash* the thing is so cute *gay sounding I know* wiggitywack )

Any body get this? I might, but it depends, do you have to buy each episode as they come out individually over the next couple months? Or is it a one time buy thing like the Internet Channel? Because if you have to pay ten bucks a month for each episode that would be a huge rip, I may as well play WOW, it's bigger, and cheaper, but back to my second question, anybody got an answer? :nameiscool:

Mummy III
I actually have to admit it was better then the first two. Well, the acting was not, Brenden Frasier is not known for his skills as a actor, but in this case he wasn't even the worst actor/actress in this case. Action-packed and full of laughs Mummy leaves you laughing, if you went for graphics these ones were decent, but a little cheesy at some points, the battle scenes were ripped off Lord Of The Rings. Though this one is not quite as family friendly as the others, it's still okay to take maybe a ten year-old to it (heck I went with a kid younger than that.)

I have to tell you that it is really predictable

Deadly Creatures,
Deadly creatures now has an official site: http://www.deadlycreaturesgame.com/ The release date is yet to be announced.

Also Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People will be releasing on the 11th so if you are getting that you only have to wait 'til Monday.