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Peta unhappy with Obama
Jun 26 2009, 01:40 PM
$5 someone takes this into a what constitutes having a soul debate.

I so called that!

If no animals are self-aware how do you explain people documenting elephants(and some dogs) recognizing when they see a mirror it is a reflection of themselves? How do you explain them capable of using tools and using reasoning to solve problems. I'm not saying I think animals have a soul anything close to a person, but I find it absurd to believe they don't have some sort of soul.
That is different, that is merely existing, which they are aware of existing, when I say self aware I mean being aware of oneself as more than just something there that needs to live... When an animal sees itself in the mirror, it can recognize something is there, but it doesn't mean that it knows that that is itself... Take my cat for example, he is very intelligent as far as cats go, (he knows what door knobs are and what they do) but he doesn't react at all when put in front of a mirror, no recognition whatsoever... Also a lot of times when a dog sees itself in the mirror, it will bark at the mirror, the same thing goes when they see other dogs on tv. The dog recognizes the image as another dog, not as itself. Why do you think they chase their tails? Though I'm not sure about that one, but I'm going to throw this theory in, because they don't know it as part of themself until they catch, even though they are aware they have tails, they don't recognize the tail they are chasing as their own. Snakes also have been to known to bite their own tails, the same theory I said about the dogs could be applied here. This is another very key thing that separates humans from the rest of God's creation. I have more to say, but I'm going to shut up now because this is way to off topic...

Back to my real question... Is that a true story?

Peta unhappy with Obama
Jun 20 2009, 09:29 PM
Technically an insect is an animal... still insects have shown no proof to be self aware, actually they demonstrate remarkable proof to be nothing more than blind instinct. So therefore a insect doesn't know, neither cares if he is alive. Now dogs have shown self-awareness so they do know they and others are alive and can and will die.

$5 someone takes this into a what constitutes having a soul debate.
Humans are the only self aware animals, oh no, other animals can have personalities, but they are not on the same scale as humans. Despite how intelligent dogs (or other animals) may seem, in the end instinct drives them. Now some have more domesticated instincts, dogs being at the top of that list, but in the end they do not have control over themselves and their minds. This is one thing that separates humans from all other animals... That and we can go to heaven or hell...

Is that a true story about the fly?

PS: Hah! I didn't mention souls until just now! =P

New Wii accessory with epic potential
I can't look at strobe lights... :Who would have guessed?: I like the concept, but I just can't dig it.

New Wii accessory with epic potential
That is cool, but how would that change gameplay? I would still be just as nervous anyway without that thing rumbling in my hand because my pulse was going at 200 bpm.... =P

Nintendo is retarted
I was highly disappointed by Nintendo at E3, but I was happy that GS has been confirmed for the DS. The Zelda games are fun, but they are starting to lose their charm. PH was great, it was a fresh new way of playing Zelda, but it was short and really easy. Unfortunately ST looks to be an exact clone of PH.... :Lecture:

Jah, Ich habe Gmail.