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Mario Kart Wii Discussion
Set the items to basic, that is what I always do with Mario Kart.

Kung Fu Panda
I almost saw Kung Fu Panda, but instead I watched Ironman (Awesome.)

I wanted to see two movies this week: Get Smart, and Wall-E

However, so far I've seen neither. wiggitywack

10 Best Brawl Characters
Top ten (Eleven):

These two tie for my best: Toon Link and Wolf

Two: Ike

Three: Sonic

Four: R.O.B.

Five: Kirby

Six: Lucario

Seven: Link

Eight: Marth

Nine: Samus

Ten: Lucas

I'm actually equally good with a lot of these people, the top three I'm more exceptional with than the others. In here it doesn't show that I'm good with Zelda as well, or Meta Knight, Fox and Diddy Kong (Now it does. wiggitywack )

Mario Kart Wii Discussion
The Wii wheel is a bit sensitive so the GCN will be a lot easier to use.

Back from vacation.
If you didn't see me last week it's 'cause I was at the beach for the week.

I just saw this movie an hour ago (I know I'm later than everyone else.) It's pretty good I was surprised at the lack of violence however, and the part on the plane and just before that was unnecessary, but other than that it was pretty good, it had some humor that was pretty good. I'd say it was better than Spiderman 3, now Spiderman 2 just trumps all marvel movies so you can't compare it with that, but it was still good, when it had action it was nice, I'm actually glad it doesn't give you an adrenaline rush when watching it like some movies do (I'm not a fan of adrenaline rushes.) But I say it still could've used some more fights or flights.

Mario Kart Wii Discussion
Hey Snake! Haven't seen you in awhile...

I'm getting this game next month, it's so fun. I'll probably use the GCN controller when playing online because it is easier to use so I'll win more with it (at least get in a better place wiggitywack) and for single player I'll use the Wiimote.

Got my friend code...
This be for Brawl: 2621-3793-9309 I'll be called DJinx if you see me.

Wewt! Got all the characters. Dude, Wolf, Toon Link, and Ike are the best characters!

Controllers galore.
Ah, well I'm pretty young, and I got a plan already, that and I bought this Wii with money I earned (and from selling the Xbox, a little bit was loaned, but I'm paying the loaner back Saturday with money to spare) so I already got a set for the rest of the year (being home schooled helps.) I'm not worried about money either, for the systems I get I don't get a lot of games for them allowing me to get other systems and games for them. Like Mario Kart. :)

Controllers galore.
I don't exactly get that.

I'm only getting like a total of nine Wii games (That includes Wii sports) since they probably will make two Zelda games for the Wii. Well hopefully, at least one (Twilight Princess doesn't count.)

So Mario Kart is on my list.

I know, I fight humans as well as comps. I don't care that Ike is slow, I use Bowser against quick people and still win, Ike is also nice because he has got fair jump, better than Links, but Link outruns him as well as out-combos him, and Link's mid-air attacks are a lot better, that and Link has got range. Link is my best character in every single Smash game, 'cept maybe Brawl, but I only just got that today, in a few weeks I'll be able to take any level nine with Link. Right now I'm doing single player to unlock Toon Link, he is better than Link now because he is very quick and his jump is really good, Link is at his worst jumping game in Brawl.

Wi-Fi games you have.
SSB Brawl 2621-3793-9309
TLOZ Phantom Hourglass
New Super Mario Bros
Final Fantasy III

(I'll have a code up for Brawl later, but not for the others, my DS doesn't connect well with my internet.)

Controllers galore.
You should, I'm definitely getting it, I played it today at Gamestop, rawxsome.

Man, I stink! In melee I can take any lvl 9 with any character (even Pichu,) but at first on Brawl I could beat maybe one level nine with one person. I'm getting more used to the Nunchuck though, it gets uncomfortable after awhile though. I use the Wiimote with single player, and the GCN controller with multiplayer.

PS: Ike kicks.

I've finally gotten a Wii! Along with Brawl, man, using the Wiimote+Nunchuck controller is tough, particularly when I'm used to the GCN controller, my bro was killing me 'cause he was using the GCN one, while I was using the Wii controls.

Characters you wanted to see in Brawl.
If they were to have different ones then Falco's would still be the landmaster, Wolf would get a Wolfen, and Fox would call in the great fox and it would shoot at people from the back round for a bit, like Lucario's.

Aww man, I went to Walmart today (they usually get a two or three Wiis a week on Tuesday between 10 Am to noon) I was the first one in line, but today was the first Tuesday in the past two months that they didn't get a shipment of Wiis. I would've definitely have gotten one today had that shipment come in, but that wasn't it, I had to wait there for a hour 'cause my dad was at work and he was the one picking me up... Fortunately I brought the Silmarillion to read.

Oh yeah, does a Wiimote battery charger come with the Wii?