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Plus tax (and Brawl, along with the tax on Brawl) it will cost me a total of $318, over the course of the summer I'm gonna be getting accessories for it, for the next two weeks (vacation, if I don't have it after vacation then I'll bug them for another week and a half, that is when my folks leave for Mexico so I won't be able to go anywhere, if I don't have it by then, I'll be calling for the rest of the summer.) however I'm gonna be bugging any store within like ten miles of where I live everyday on the phone. wiggitywack

Controllers galore.
Mario Kart dude, for the Wii, it's in the sub-title.

Man, it's incredibly hard to get ahold of a Wii, I've been trying and it's still sold out everywhere!

Brawl isn't as hard to get, but it will still be a pain in the butt (I'm getting 'em both at the same time.)

Controllers galore.
Which of the many control types do you guys use?

Characters you wanted to see in Brawl.
Just change Samus' suit color to Dark Samus. wiggitywack Same with Daisy, just change Peach.

I like Wolf and all, but they should've taken Falco so he would be his replacement, or just not have put Wolf in at all, 'cause they are triplets. I think they also shoulda changed Link's moves, like VB should've been the ball and chain (For normal Link) and for Toon Link it should've been the skull hammer.

Your Summer plans?
I'm gonna spend my summer working and playing Wii (I'm getting it in three weeks.)

That is pretty much it, 'cept for when I work out and do some school, since I'm reading the Silmarillion before summer I won't have anything to do 'cept stuff listed above.

Schools out!
Sweet, my school lets out when I finish all the work I had to do for that year.

It's a character from "The Silmarillion" he is pretty much the equivalent of Poseidon, 'cept cooler. :nameiscool: He is one of Tolkien's more unoriginal characters.

Characters you wanted to see in Brawl.
He is not that well known though, so I'm not surprised he wasn't in it, anybody who isn't a Nintendo fan doesn't know about him, with the other games people who don't like Nintendo still know about them...

I thought of another person I wanted in:

Shy Guy!

These guys are by far the coolest things to come out of Mario, the fact that they aren't in is disgraceful, they've been in since SM2 Yoshi's Island (I have it on the Snes halo.)

Schools out!
Congrats, my sis got out of school yesterday.

Just treat everything like a big joke, that is around other people, that is what I do, and I'm known as semi-responsible... Okay maybe not at all responsible, but heck! wiggitywack :nameiscool:

Favorite Three GH Songs.
They only have Sweet Child of Mine and Welcome to the Jungle from G&R

Favorite Three GH Songs.
Okay I just thought it'd be cool to find out what songs you like in GH (Any games) so pick your top three mine are:

Knights of Cydonia (I spelt that wrong didn't I?) by Muse

Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses

Through Fire and Flames by Dragonforce

I got a second guitar!
I'm like that too, I can't write with my left hand yet though, I'm working on it, I can actually sword fight with both (Like actual sword fighting,) I can shoot a bow with both as well, and a bunch of other things, writing though I just suck at... Really it's mainly one of my fingers that is crippled on my left hand (The pinky) so it just makes using part of it difficult.

I got a second guitar!
I don't have any GH game, in fact I don't own any system that can play one, though when I get my Wii... I get to play GH at other places though, I can five stars on easy on pretty much any song after I play it a couple times... I can do medium, but I'm not as good at it, I also have to play left handed because my left hand is some what crippled.

Characters you wanted to see in Brawl.
That is exactly why Pokemon is popular, everybody knows about it.

The second most known character is probably Master Chief. wiggitywack Even my dad knows who Master Chief is.

I've been updating some of the Zelda stuff in the N-cyclopedia. Those of you with articles there relax, I left your stuff in (Unless it was incorrect.) All I've been doing is adding little bits of info, some of the things in there are... Lacking substantial information.

I got a second guitar!
There is a video on youtube of a kid getting perfect on expert.

What difficulty are you playing on now?

Characters you wanted to see in Brawl.
Nintendo said this is the last Smash Brothers game, but with the profits it's making I'm think they'll change their minds, but right now they said it's the last one.

Pokemon is actually pretty popular, I mean everybody knows about it, I'm not saying everyone likes it (Me included,) but they know it exists, and if it exists according to the people it is popular to Nintendo. They still sell a ton of Pokemon stuff as well so people do like it.

VJ actually is pretty popular, I've seen tons of people recognize the game when I play it, and those that don't know what it is, when they see it, they like it.

Megaman probably isn't as popular as Viewtiful Joe, I know a couple people who like MM, I know tons of people who like VJ, now I don't know to many people so submitting that diagnosis would be very stupid, but since the people I know their favorite game is SB so if they like both it might just happen, Nintendo tries to please customers as much as possible, hence why TP was a more mature Zelda game... (Not by much, but it still had some stuff that wasn't seen in the others.)

It's "Dr" Norris if you please.
Some people say that "Dr" Norris wiggitywack only claims to be a Christian, really after his speech I'd say he really is a Christian, since he did admit some things that people who only claimed to be a Christian wouldn't say.

I got a second guitar!
I heard "Through Fire And Flames" was the hardest... One of my friends got 4% on expert before losing... Which is kinda funny since he is really good at GH. I saw him play GH3 on the Wii from like 4 Am to like 12 Pm, I left while he was still playing so he probably went on going, this was on expert, I'm not sure how far he got, he beat Slash at like 9 Am. wiggitywack

Characters you wanted to see in Brawl.
FE is very different than Golden Sun, FE is like ultimate chess with luck involved (Critical hits and such, also misses, though they have stats to determine that.) Golden Sun is the same game play of Final Fantasy, just you can do more (Only good FF is 3 and 12.) Vaati is not as well known though, and (including Sheik) they have five Zelda characters, though that doesn't really compare with Mario's six, of course Wario Ware is pretty popular...

Viewtiful Joe would've been the best character to put in Brawl simply because his moves would already be cut out. (A moves obviously involves kicks and punches) VB is bombs, >B Voomerang, ^B his zoom in jump (The drill jump,) B would be (Like G&W >B) a randomizer, sometimes it would do his powerful single slow-mode punch, and the other hit would be a barrage of his quick fire punches in fast-mode. Kirby would have Joe's helmet when he sucked him up. Joe's final smash would be having the six machine come in and drop bombs on people (Akin to Pit's final smash.) His show-off would definitely be him doing his two-finger one thumb pose while shouting Henshin a go go baby!

He'd be like Link with no sword, you know, not to quick, but not to slow, average jump that type of thing.