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Wow, beastly.
Okay, for awhile I had stopped playing smash bros melee except on rare occasion until now, I've been doing special modes. I took a random character it was the ice climbers, I found out they are beastly, I did a bunch of random matches with them against level nine computers, they did incredibly well, it's kinda funny, back when I played more often they were cast as my least used character. wiggitywack Now I'm trying to make them like my third or something.

As for me, all of my contacts were wiped out... Since Nintendo N More shut down, also with Nintendo Forums...

Did you get it for the Wii? It kinda sucks for the Wii, since they forgot to record all of the songs in stereo sound they don't sound as nice, plus the graphics suck compared to that of the other systems.

New Members!

Seriously guys, we don't have many people here. If you know any friends that are interested in online forums get 'em to join... Right now there are only three active members... (Including meself) Also if you can get ahold of some of the old members tell 'em to come back! 72_72.gif

Online Cartoon show.
What game are you talking about? Are you talking about Twilight Princess? Dude, that is not the Wii Zelda game, that is a GCN one converted onto the Wii, I mean the Zelda game after Phantom Hourglass, which will probably be for the Wii since it is the only Nintendo system without a unique Zelda game on it...

Online Cartoon show.
You should go there more often, they usually put a new thing up each Monday... If I do get a Wii I probably won't get this though, I'll probably just get SSBB, and the next Zelda game for the Wii... (If they make one, probably, but hey you never know.) You can't really count Wii games though since it comes with the Wii.

Online Cartoon show.
Stink-Man: Are you asking for some sort of CHALLENNNNNGGGGGE!

I love that game.

I'm probably getting a Wii this year, I wonder if I'll get this particular game...

Online Cartoon show.
You're saying Stinko-Man doesn't count as a SB game? wiggitywack

Online Cartoon show.
Okay, I'm sure some of you have heard of Homestarrunner.com, if you have not... GO THERE! I've been watching these things for years, I was watching today and noticed a new thing: http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbcg4ap.html

It's hilarious!


Woot! I've got a job now, though it pays little I should be able to get a Wii by the end of summer, also I might be working at Six Flags while doing the other job, but I'll still probably get it at the same time 'cause of the shortage of Wiis. wiggitywack

Meh, I've attack just as quick as others without using the c-stick, and the c-stick hurts less.

What music do you listen to
Apr 6 08, 2:37 PM
Yeah, I also like Linken Park, and some coldplay stuff. Maroon 5 has several ok songs too. The other ones you mentioned I don't remember hearing about, but who knows maybe I've heard them and not known it.

There Christain bands, well Switchfoot is made up of Christain people, but they only do a few Christain songs, they are played on pretty much every radio station around here. wiggitywack They've been really famous since 2003 when they released "It Was A Beautiful Letdown," that album is incredibly famous... nameiscool At least around here. trustme

I need to get a Wii and SSBB.

I was looking up SSBB the other day it looks awesome! I mean I like the others, but I got bored of them, I don't mean to brag, but after awhile nothing was a challenge... ('Cept my older brother. wiggitywack) So I don't play them that much anymore, but since SSBB can be played with Melee controls I have to play it! I love the Melee controls, simple, easy to use, and above all, efficient. I don't use the C-stick so when I see a lot of other people doing it I make fun of them, I'm a charge guy. nameiscool

What music do you listen to
Switchfoot is my favorite band, I like Linkin Park, Newsboys, Apologetix, Casting Crowns, Maroon 5, and Coldplay. nameiscool

Those are my favorites, however I like a lot of other bands, but mainly their songs and not the bands themselves. wiggitywack

Muse is all right, I like their song Map of the Problematique.

My favorite song is Meant To Live by Switchfoot.

NRPM Charts10:Pc games that should be on wii or ds
I need to re-get some of the worms games, sadly all of my got scratched, or lost... watery_eyes

NRPM Charts10:Pc games that should be on wii or ds
Apr 1 08, 9:21 PM
Yeah worms is awesome, I have 3D and sometimes see how far I can push the hardware before the game crashes. Actually sometimes it is accidental just because it's an equal match and we keep trying to keep ahead of the water.
There is a Ds worms though, that is the reason it's low, the reason it's on is because the wii one will lack online and sounds mildly inferior to the Ds one.
And honestly mahjong and minesweeper are complete filler, because I haven't played thousands of Pc games, plus I forgot the names of several I wanted to include.
One was a 2-player shooter where your ships could fuse to get more powerful.

Um, yeah jazz is certainly strange, with worms doing drugs and you being able to get high from second hand smoke.

I've played the demos for some of the 3D ones.

They actually have one of the worms games on the PSP, it's fun. wiggitywack