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NRPM Charts10:Pc games that should be on wii or ds
I love Worms! My favorite is probably worms world party, rawxsome game. Can't you play Worms on the GBA though? If they made another for a Nintendo system I'd want it on the DS.

Meh, Mahjong is annoying.

I'd like to see Monkey Island on the DS... nameiscool

Jazz Jackrabbit was... Odd, fun, but odd. wiggitywack

King's quest fell apart with Mask of Eternity... 75_75.gif If they one for Nintendo it'd be on the Wii probably.

New pic in sig...
Check it, I got it from my favorite cartoon show... Well sorta... They are my favorite, but you can only watch it online, or if you have the dvds.

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Mar 20 08, 5:12 PM
The place with the red skin?
I haven't heard anything I hope for a 3d game with Vaati though, maybe let him hire Gannon and have them work together for some purpose so awesome only Vaati could be behind it.
That or a game where Vatti loses his memory and teams up with Link, serving as a key to puzzles and someone a buddy can control. The two could use items differently, like maybe vaati could imbue arrows with wind to make them homing.

It it has Vaati and Ganon, then Ganon would be the mastermind, we saw this in FSA... I want to see Bellum again, but since he was in the last one I doubt he'll be put in. It will most definitely be for the Wii, since that is the only Nintendo system not to have a unique Zelda game made especially for it.

I know a lot of people think TP was, actually it wasn't, TP was originally made for the GCN, but since was so hyped they also put it on Wii to make greater sales.

Since Nintendo Forums has been downed.
I haven't had much TLOZ info lately, has Nintendo made any hints about what their next Zelda game is?

Fake Kirby games
Kirby Cooking is clearly copying that other Wii cooking game. wiggitywack

The Christmas one is probably Kirby trying to get gifts that were stolen from him back.

SSBB is good!
You live in Mid-West U.S. right? I live on the East Coast... Big differences... wiggitywack

SSBB is good!
Mebe, but even if I do get the Wii soon, I won't be able to get SSBB for another year. wiggitywack Seriously I wouldn't be surprised if it's sold out then, the Wii is still selling for quite a bit online because as soon as it's on the shelf in stores somebody buys it.

SSBB is good!
Lucky! I don't have a Wii yet.... watery_eyes Oh well, my friend is gonna give me his once he gets bored of it, since he doesn't play VGs that much that shouldn't take to long. wiggitywack You must think he is crazy to give it to me for free, not really, he won it at his school by selling a lot of items at a fund raiser for his school. nameiscool

My brother surprised me in getting me FFIII for the DS, I'm not really a fan of the FF games, but since I've been thinking about giving them another shot it kinda worked out, I'm only a little bit into the game, but so far it's all right... A little bit as in I haven't even gotten my first job class yet.