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Deadly Creatures
My bro got me this game yesterday, it's fun! It is short, I'm already halfway done with it, but it is very enjoyable, and believe it or not funny at some times. I'm not going to say much on it because it doesn't have a super amount of content so I'm not going to ruin any of it. If you get the game I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it, that is if you like action adventure games.

Who is the best President?
Lincoln.... Wiggitywack Most of the rest of America says that he is the best as well. I'm not sure everybody exactly knows why, I'm pretty sure they know about him and his slave policies, but they don't seem to realize that is not all that made Lincoln so great. He was a great person, and incredible leader, in fact many say he was the first U.S. dictator. (Dictators are not all bad, in fact if you read history you see that a dictator was not somebody who forced his way into power, now it did happen, but.... Many were actually elected, Ceaser was actually one. The first Ceaser that is ;]) He was also a good (technically nobody who is good, but as far as human standards go) person. I think he sent a letter to some enemy general apologizing because he had offended him, not I'm not exactly sure, but I think that was what it was.

I actually would have put Bush of recent had he not been such a pushover. Despite what the liberal media says about him he did a lot of good things, now he did a lot of stupid things, and there were many things he could have done, but he didn't enforce his will as much. Pretty much, he let the democrats run him down. He is very tolerant (I say this as a compliment now) though of insults thrown at him, which is a good quality in leaders. If they get mad then the people insulting them only think they have done more damage. I can give a very good example of this when President Barack Obama was in a way trash talking Bush's policies in his inaugral speech.

PS: I made a lot of spelling errors, I'm not exactly thinking right now so bear with me.

Avalon Code
Has anybody else heard of this? It looks awesome! In this game, instead of saving the world, your job is to record what is good in the world so it can be recreated, pretty much it means you can kill things, but you don't have to save anbody this time. :XD: The main feature of the game is hitting things with a giant book to get their "code," when you do this you can look at the thing flower/monster/person/anything and change it. Yes! Change it! IGN gave an example of a time in the game where you find a guy who is sick with an illness, whap him with the book, find what code is causing the illness, and erase it, you can then put that code in your book and lets say add it to a monster to make all of those monsters weak. ;The Bees knees: Awesome!

Get Smart.
Wow bump from the past....

Meh, I think the funniest part was when he was dancing with the fat lady. wiggitywack

"Thanks for jumping"

What's better, dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
This is hilarious, I was talking about dark chocolate to some of my friends last night. wiggitywack

Splinter Cell
O my gosh! I can't believe I hadn't found out about Conviction sooner! ;The Bees knees: This game looks frikkin' awesome, and it's set in my hometown. I actually hate D.C., but I love Splinter Cell, especially since Sam is now a hobo!