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This is crazy!
Spider's back! Wassup?

Christmas Requests.
Actually, I do walk the streets and parks daily, also for my job I have to walk around.

Christmas Requests.
Thing with my gifts is the least expensive one still costs about 200 bucks (the snake) mopeds usually 600-800. The ACR will be about 1200 once it is released. XD So I don't expect anyone to get them for me. Thermal shirts? Around here it never gets cold enough for 'em. Right now we have like 1 1/2 feet of snow. It still isn't to cold.

Christmas Requests.
I know a lot of people have 'Christmas lists' well how we do Christmas here our lists are stuff we are getting other people. Now we ourselves might make some suggestions here were mine to the people I knew:

Bushmaster ACR or Moped or King Snake

I'm actually being serious here, those were the things I wanted. Now obviously I didn't expect to get them, but these are things I'm actually probably going to get in the near future. On my own of course.

What are some of your 'Christmas requests'?

First semester of college is ovar!!!
Yeah I'm not going to be in the tourney. :I dont no anything about that...:

I don't play brawl anymore.

Brawl Discussion
I don't really touch SSB at all. CoD4 trumped Brawl and not CoD6 has trumped CoD4. Monkey Island 5 then trumped CoD6 (for a week that game is too short.) I'm actually selling my Wii and most of my video games. Except for MW2 I don't really play vgs that much. :XD: Which is to say I play a lot of MW2. :I dont no anything about that...:

I'd like to thank NRPM
How did I only just notice this hilarious thread just now? >_>

Actually when I say the 'gamer' I usually use it to mean geek. You can play vgs and not be a geek for sure.

Spirit Tracks
Well, Spirit Tracks has come out. Has anyone got it yet? I probably won't buy it, but I'll end up getting it some way, usually through birthdays and Christmas.

Would you want to know if....
I know that, but it is still creepy especially if you weren't told right away or at all.

Would you want to know if....
That is just creepy to suggest man, I would probably want to know, but I know there aren't my parents be Christian, thank God.

Radio request
Yeah I probably could, if I knew how, send me a detailed walkthrough via PM please and I'll see what I can do.

Radio request
Meh, think you could add some Switchfoot? Maybe Coldplay? Ever heard of Vertical Horizon either? :I dont no anything about that...:

Newbie here. o-o
Dec 8 2009, 09:17 PM
I swear, they do exist.
Sometimes they exist, but for the most part they are just viruses that infect his computer. :XD: Dark Jinx/Jhraxlin (if you see Jhraxlin anywhere else it's probably me: Gamespot, IGN, you name it.)

I'm one of the admins that used to actually moderate around here, but most of the members left so I just do minor edits and suggestions now.

I didn't know we had radio? I saw that thing, but I didn't know what it meant. :I dont no anything about that...: