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Thanksgiving thread
Happy Thanksgiving!

Dead? Must read.
Um, free music is easy

The following is endorsed by the following sites:

Just go to youtube, or playlist.com. :XD:

If I'm active expect to see me on at night, or possibly just before noon.

Dead? Must read.
No they don't have tournaments, well, not a separate server for them. Sometimes people might host them, or even IW (I think, I don't remember from CoD4.) Most people have it for the 360 I'm getting it for the PS3 only other person I know that has it for PS3 wouldn't come here.

Dead? Must read.
Though I don't have it just yet I'm going to be getting CoD6 soon so once I do don't expect to see me much more, if I get on it will be probably be late at night. :XD:

Dead? Must read.
I've noticed there hasn't been much activity lately here so I'm holding a roll call. Post a reply in this thread if you still come here on a regular basis.