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Where do you go to school?
Maybe not 25, that was a rough estimate, but chances are I won't go to college right away, I'll make a bit of money first by working several jobs. Also I tend to be a loner I wouldn't have to worry about supporting a family for awhile.

Where do you go to school?
I'm getting homeschooled until I graduate, I probably won't go to college right away, but I will be doing like two jobs at a time until I'm around 25. After that I'll probably get a degree in something in some 2-year program at some community college, after that I may even consider 3 jobs at once if I don't know what I'm gonna do after that. (I come from a family of workaholics...)

WTF! Insanity...
My sister is already in trouble, she lives in Nairobi Kenya. SO if McCain had one she would've been in even bigger trouble, since Obama won the place won't be as bad, but still dangerous. Well, more dangerous than it usually is.

WTF! Insanity...
Actually if he gets assassinated this country is in bigger trouble 'cause we'll have Joe Biden as pres...

Who will win?
I've got a feeling Obama will win, though there is a possibility of McCain winning it is not very strong. My area is definitely voting Obama even though my family is not. D.C. area always votes liberal...

I'm moving this to the debate place.