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It's Coming.
With only a few days left until the release of Modern Warfare 2 I kinda wanted to know who here was actually planning on getting it. (Besides me of course)

I have a new favorite comedian!
Woah... Just look him up on youtube, I've seen some funny things of his.

I have a new favorite comedian!
Dude, have you ever heard Dimitri Martin? He's funny.

Favorite Pixar movie.
What with the new Toy Story movie coming out I found this topic appropriate.

Well, I kinda like most of them, 'cept Cars.... I didn't really like it that much, Toy Story 1 and 2 were okay, but not as good as the rest, and Bug's Life is only a bit beyond the Toy Stories. I think for me Ratatouille, Monsters Inc, and The Incredibles are the top three, but that is easily contended by Up, Wall-E and Finding Nemo.

Should the Bible be copyrighted?
Wow... You're lying right? God wouldn't copyright it, instead when people change things in the Bible he D***s them to hell. (Book of Revelation)

This country is getting dumber by the minute, I can't wait until I move to Israel.

Really, the reprinters should not be allowed to do that, but this is the U.S.A. the land of legalistic, morons. Let them, then ignore their bull-crap copyrights. Really if you have an Awana program (or something similar) those books are copyrighted and have a lot of Bible verses in them. They have the 'right' to ignore the people trying to copyright the Bible since they already have rights to use it and anyone who purchases their books to use those verses as well.

Also, if they manage to, God would want us to ignore it. We are to obey the law up to a point. The point at which we should no longer obey it is when they do stuff to prevent our spreading the Gospel.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
It looks just like soul caliber... I'm not much into 2d brawlers anyway, I play smash bros, but that is about it (even then I don't play smash bros that much either.) I'm more of an adventure in 3d type. I'll play a few FPSs such as COD, and maybe a bit of Halo.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
Tell you the truth I don't know much about it. Whenever I see a screen shot for it, it makes me puke.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
:XD: Mine, and a lot of other people share that opinion.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
Yeah, um.... No....

Next year Splinter Cell 5 will be the game of the year, this year it is between MW2 and AC2.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
Meh, I haven't updated mine yet, and I intend not to, in fact I intend on selling my Wii. :XD:

Seriously, once I get MW2 my Wii won't get touched.

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
This topic has already been moved once, best just to leave it in spam.

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
I didn't say there should be co-ed showers.... -.- That is probably illegal in a public high school...

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
Meh, really their is only one class that should be segregated..... Gym. Even then, not really.