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National Day Of Prayer Thread (USA)
That stinks, also I forgot to mention that my employer over the last weekend had to go to the hospital for a few days, in fact I believe she is still in there. She has cancer (old news,) but now they think it's spread to her legs, worse yet they never found the tumor, but now they are thinking it's in her lungs. If it is then there is not much they can do. I say if anyone deserved not to get cancer it was this lady, she takes care of her grandchild because her daughter had her illegitimately and the daughter doesn't take care of her much. I must admit her daughter has been doing more for the baby, but it's still not enough, just pray for them. Also please continue prayer for my friend as well as my thumb, though it has gotten a bit better it turns out it is a serious type of infection. Thanks.

National Day Of Prayer Thread (USA)
Huge prayer request, my friend tried to commit suicide and now is going to be in the hospital for a few weeks. Also I have a bad infection on my thumb so if you would pray for us both please? Thanks.

Prince of Persia
A new Prince of Persia is being released in December, it will be on the PC, 360, and the PS3. In features more open combat, more exploration, and a new prince. wiggitywack Instead of the dude from the Sands of Time trilogy this game features a new prince who is more of a bandit than other Persian princes. The graphics just look amazing on this game, it's a shame they are to good for the Wii, motion controls would complete this game, though apparently it is not super long so that is a downside, also you can't die. Yup, there is this girl accompanying you that whenever you fall she'll catch, if you die in battle it's not permanent, she'll fend off enemies until you recover. You won't be taking on hordes of enemies like you used to, instead battles will be much longer and they will involve a lot more skill. The story is the prince is traveling through the desert with his pack-donkey loaded with treasure, he gets caught in a sandstorm and his donkey is lost. He wanders on until he meets a girl named Elika. They get off to a good start and travel together until they come to a garden and at that garden is the tree of life which is containing like some demigod of darkness or something, apparently it's Elika's job to guard this tree, but as they get there the tree is blown up by some soldier dudes and the demigod is released. He then starts spreading a plague around the planet and it's the Prince and Elika's job to stop him.

This game looks sweet, hopefully it won't be rated M like the last two were. That's all for now.

The Last Remnant.
This game looks sick, the graphics are all right, it looks like it will be quite long, though it probably won't be as free-form as other games for Sqeenix it looks big. It's coming out Nov 20, I unfortunately don't have a 360 or PS3, but my PC might be able to handle it, I may need another video card though. The story looks average, but the gameplay is looking good, though I prefer being able to move in my battles.