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Just one day!
Did you get it? I'm not going to. :XD: Is it really all that? I was looking forward to getting BFBC2, but I'm not getting it now. I played the demo, it is most definitely not all that.

manga > videogame
I knew it was a manga, but it was actually a game first. Manga sucks. A couple of my friends are addicted to manga and spend a lot of their time drawing sketches from mangas. The games rock man, though they have been a bit repetitive of late.

I got the first one, it is mad beast.

Wow dark jinx....
Eww. That comes closed to being edited man.

:XD: I wouldn't call him a weirdo to his face, well I might, but that is because I know him. You don't mess with a Marine (seriously..... One time I saw him get angry and that I think was before or just a bit after he joined them.)

Yeah that pretty much nails it. The cgi is spectacular though! I saw it in 3D, but I think I missed parts of the 3D do to my eyes (I've been meaning to go to an eye doctor for awhile now.)

I'm only going to say a few things about it to avoid spoiling. The first one is: save your money!!! Second: the story is really predictable and not that great. Third: the message it sends is downright blasphemous and wack.

Wow dark jinx....
Not true. :XD: My best friend's brother is born on the first. (Seriously.)

Wow dark jinx....
You would have been to old to sail with Columbus :XD:

At least mine is possible there is like one dude still around that old and like two other ladies. Or something like that, they might be dead now. Not sure.

No, I just put that age as a joke, some of my friends do it when they use Facebook/myspace/xanga/whateverfrikkin'socialnetworkingsiteyoucanuse

I'm really born a month later and seventeen years ago.

Wow dark jinx....
Actually that thing is wrong, I was born in 1906 they didn't let me go down further. I served in WWII and Vietnam, but I retired after that. I got into video games about eight years ago. I'm the only adult I know my age that plays video games.