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Is this stealing?
It would probably be counted as stealing, but I doubt morally, one time my aunt and uncle treated my entire family (all nine of us) to Olive Garden. We had the worst waitress on the face of the planet, she treated most of us like kids (including my bro who was like 18 at the time) she even spilled something on him then gave him paper towels to clean it up, I think she also messed up some orders, but in the end my aunt and uncle were forced to pay a stupid tip to that awful waitress. It is the law to pay for food you eat in public places unless there are some factors involved (burnt food, raw food, etc.....) where you don't have to because of unsatisfactory service. If you ask me a place that forces you to tip is stealing from you, especially preset tips. If you do good work I'm going to tip you, even if I'm broke, if you don't work at all I'm not going to tip you, I might even fill out a complaint against the person waiting on me. Now that is me, in the end it's your conscience that will be bugged, if it is forced pay my advice is just file a complaint (provided the work was bad.)

Gamer Girls
I know one that is sort of a game girl. Mainly she just plays GH. She's got a 360 as well, which I begged her for before. wiggitywack

Nappy Hew Year!
I'm in the Youth group of one on Sunday nights, Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for the other.

Nappy Hew Year!
i guess I'm kinda late for this, but Happy New Year..... wiggitywack I didn't do much, at like 11:20 PM my family started playing Settlers of Catan. About 45 seconds before the ball dropped we turned on the tv and watched the final 3 seconds. We then went back to playing SoC until 1... XD

The other church I go to was having a party, but I never got around to going to it so I missed out on that.