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phantom hourglass discussion
Jan 12 08, 11:35 AM
Phantom hourglass is probably one of the best LOZ games of all time, I like it better than wind waker and twilight princess.

That is where I disagree, I love TPH, but TP, and TWW are just better games, for one they are longer, and the gameplay is better, more sword moves, more items, so far TWW and TP have had the most sword moves.

Who do you think is the best villian.
Ganondorf was awesome in Twilight Princess, but in other games he is just meh, Vaati is only cool in Minish Cap. Bellum is sick, but kinda creepy looking, but he like Majora's mask could only be in one game, or else it would just be to complicated. Dark Link was a boss at one time in Zelda II, but he is better as a mini-boss, like in Oot, he was in FSA for the GCN known as Shadow Link, he was all right then, but given lack of 3-D he lost it there.

I'd say health is more important than lives, hence why Zelda II wasn't nearly as good as the other Zelda games. That and the side scroll game play, also it was the only Zelda RPG, it wasn't that good of a game.

Some games may need lives though, maybe some Mario Party games should have them, but Mario games, shouldn't, Kirby I can understand the lives, but he also has health, but it works for him.

Pfft... Twelves miles.
I'm not talking about Push-Ups GBA, I'm talking about Chin-Ups, push-ups you use your arms and your legs to lift you up while keeping straight with the rest of your body, exercising a lot of your muscles at once, chin-ups are for arms mainly.

I haven't time my top speed in a sprint, this one guy I know timed his and it was like eighteen MPH in a sprint, and I'm faster than he is. Now I have timed a long distance, I got sixty second quarter mile, if I did that for an entire mile that is fifteen miles per hour long distance, which is very fast. nameiscool Though I have to work on my stamina, which is actually what I'm gonna be doing after lunch today, I'm gonna head to a football field close to a mile away from my house and work out there, they got a asphalt path there that I can do push-ups on, and the field goals are great for chin-ups, and I'll be running laps around the field for awhile, I hope to make this a regular habit, I'm almost done growing, I'll probably get a inch taller than I am now, so now is a good time to start working out, though I'm quite small for my age, almost fifteen and I'm about hundred and five to a hundred and ten pounds, and I'm only about five-four, maybe five-five feet tall. I'm come from a short, but athletic family. wiggitywack

lEIk sPAm cHaT.
I can barely read half of what you are saying. O_o

Pfft... Twelves miles.
Jan 19 08, 6:19 PM
Wow, I can walk a mile in about 17 minutes. Are you losing weight?

Not really, nice, that is pretty good, I don't need to lose weight actually, I'm around 105-110 pounds, I just do things like that for fun,. I usually walk a mile in 16 minutes, that is 4 mph walking speed which is really good. Today I went slower because I had people with me. I'm actually not as in good shape as I used to be, you know what chin-ups are? Well there are several different types, I like the ones called Marine Style, they are considered one of the harder ways of doing chin-ups, I used to do about twenty in a row, but then I stopped doing them for awhile, went down to like ten the next time I did them, though I hurt my hand so I had to stop for awhile, now I only do about three or four at a time... watery_eyes

Pfft... Twelves miles.
I just got back from walking twelve miles with my bro and a friend, took us four hours and fifteen minutes... Pretty slow, I've done this before, did it in three and half hours, it's a trail we got that ends six miles from house, but we also have to go back. nameiscool

Favorite Zelda game
Twilight Princess, that game is awesome, got if five days after it came out on GCN, beat six days later. On a school week. I've gotten everything except for four poes. Haven't used a walk through once for this one. :) Did the same with Phantom Hourglass, in total I'm missing a few ship parts and one Courage gem.

PS: I added the two latest Zelda games.

Favorite Kirby Character
Kirby! wiggitywack Or Metaknight. I need to get some Kirby games... -.-

Anybody got any info?
On Golden Sun Three? I heard like a few months ago that they were planning it for the DS. If anybody has some more recent information say within from like the last month, or two about it, or knows of a reliable site that would have recent information on it. Please, share. nameiscool

Testing new smilies...
What? I must've not saved that one as a animation.

Testing new smilies...
74_74.gif 72_72.gif 75_75.gif 77_77 halo sleeeepy watery_eyes wiggitywack nameiscool ididntsmile trustme

I kinda did a poor job, but oh well, better than they used to be.

Kinda sad.
Well just me and my little brother, my brother is in college so my dad can't really keep him from playing it, though the reason he gave it to me and my bro is 'cause he doesn't play it anymore.

Actually what is really sad is save for my little brother I'm the only one I know of who is not allowed to play it.

One of my friends has a Wii, I offered to buy it off him, he said once he got bored of it he'd give it to me, seeing as he gave my bro an advance just 'cause... My chances are high. :P And since he only has Mario Strikers he is probably gonna get bored in a few months. :P

Kirby Squeak Squad.
Though, the thing with the Kirby games is, they are very re-playable, though I love to replay a lot of the Zelda games other people don't, so it's something for them to replay.

Kinda sad.
For Christmas my older brother gave me and my younger brother his Xbox, along with all the other Xbox related stuff he had, cool right? The sad part is he gave me Halo and Halo two, too bad my dad doesn't let me play those games anymore... They're fun.

Call me a newb.
Okay thanks, and no I'm pretty sure it isn't Buffalo Tech.

Kirby Squeak Squad.
Most Kirby games are short, one time I beat Nightmare in Dreamland in one sitting, I was on my way to my vacation house, takes about two hours to get there, I got 100%. 74_74.gif

Call me a newb.
Yes, it won't let me test the connection without out one entered, in order to prove that theory I put a dumby one in, it let me test it, but it put a error up when it was done testing.

Kirby Squeak Squad.
Anybody else got this? I know someone who does, he thinks it's awesome, once I got enough money I'm probably gonna get it.