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I didn't use a walk through at all for this game, actually the magic armor was made for the Cave of Ordeals, there is tons of money in there, for one purpose, the magic armor stays alive.

Best government?
Democracy/Republic, provided the people running it stand for the right things, Pro-Life etc... But if the wrong people are, then it can go very wrong...

God Vs. Evolution
God obvisiously, I should know that, I've sustained many, many injuries, each one God has put me back almost brand new, there is one though, where it causes me great pain if someone, or something touches it wrong...

If you want to beat the cave of ordeals you're gonna need the magic armor.

You're just like my brothers Rezz, I regret ever having beaten the game in front of them, all the perverted comments... -.-

Rezz how much do you have? I have everything except six Poes.

It must be a glitch, because normally he ducks if you use anything on him, arrows, pellets, sword, claw shot, etc...

Oh wait, it wasn't a glitch, you shot Malo, because he is so short he only jerks his head to the side, Talo and Beth duck.

How far have you gotten?

I'm back.
I know, since I started playing Puzzle Pirates, (Massive multi) I was so successful I basically only played that on the computer, then the computer stopped being able to run its graphics, so I came back here, got Twilight Princess, stopped coming here 'cause of that, then I still play Twilight Princess a ton, but still get on here.

I'm back.
Hmm, nope it can't do that.

Zant is nuts! *Spilers*
He should keep it on, but take the mouth piece off, that thing was just weirddddd looking.

Zant is nuts! *Spilers*
You mean when he made the screech? He stops making it once you find out what he really looks like.

My wii comic
That's awesome!

Nice one.

I'm back.
What exactly can this rank access? I forgot, you told me awhile ago.

Zant is nuts! *Spilers*
Seriously, when you meet him in the Twilight World he goes berserk and starts running around every where screaming!

On top of that he acts like a baby when meeting Ganondorf, you know crying on the ground thing?

And when you fight him when he is using swords, it's like he closes his eyes and just throws his arms around!

PS: I mistyped the word spoilers, sorry about that. :P

I'm back.
One of the deleted ones...

I'm back.
This one, when you do make me one, I'll delete FS.

I'm back.
OHhh man! I completely forgot I did that until you just mentioned it, it was no hacker.

I'm gonna be more active so I might need it, but I don't really care whether or not I have it.

Welcome to the site, please try and stay active...

PS: I may look like I'm new here, in truth I used to be one of the admins, but then because of certain reasons I couldn't come here as much.

I'm back.
Took me awhile, but I'm back, why was I deleted as a member?