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I'm kinda late, but who cares...
Dark Jinx
Sep 29 2009, 10:30 PM
Wait, you only have one class that the genders are separated? 'My schools worst idea was that one sex segregation class' or all classes segregated? Sprechen Sie English?!? Meh, never had that problem.
:I feel a cold breeze: I thought i understood, but then you took my understanding away.
It was only that one class, that was more of a discussion.
I don't know anything about people doing inappropriate things with school equipment. Lots of sexual dialogue, drawings and mannerisms from one guy, but he never actually molested school equipment... that I know of.
I think that segragated class was the reason any students began having trouble talking to girls. Which few did have problems in a non-sexual way.

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
It's the time/ammo is running out and you miraculously pull out to do great. Maybe it isn't appropriate, but that is what happens when a man is surrounded entirely by other men flaming testosterone. My schools worst idea was that one sex segragation class, sure we discovered who we are as men and guessed about who women are as women; but I think the estorgen defeated the girls one entirely, and dangerously high levels of testosterone had their own issues.

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
Yeah, most of the times were when i was in some group project for school, and everyone was slacking off, I'd slap some far fetched, never gonna work thing together and submit it and the group usually got between a B- and an over 100 point score. On top of that I had excess time to slack off myself and teach the lower classmen how to write 'boobs' on a calculator. Don't tell me you have never done that.

This is REALLY interesting!
Well... I'd teach the bum what posterity means, because i'm the vocab ninja! Arboreal, Cadre, Padre, MantaRay, Fanta Spray. (I'm also the rhyming ninja. :P)

Giant evil teddy bears attack!
I didn't see the cover, I was just watching Fuse and saw the video and the giant evil teddy bears. I was laughing so hard i had to post this!
I will not take this lying down, the giant teddy bears have crossed the line. Their regime must be overthrown!

Giant evil teddy bears attack!


In summary, People are developing abilities related to their astrological sign due to an alien energy. There are the honorable Zodiacs, and the confrontational or criminal Horoscopes. Another larger meteor is threatening earth.


-No godmodding
-No controlling another persons character.
-No Sign crossing unless it is with an Ophichus or Lupus.
-Don't constantly prophesie if you sign sometimes has it, don't spell everything out too well, let it remain somewhat cryptic and be prepared to lead the plot pertaining to the prophesy.
-Other rules may be added as needed. You will be alerted if new rules are added.

Physical appearance:
Background story*:

* means it is optional.
None of these need to be too in depth.

My first character is

Age: 19
Sex: (Yes... :P) M
Sign: Virgo
Physical appearance: A relatively nice looking man with a five o'clock shadow and very stylish clothes.
Background story*:He really doesn't want to fight, but he couldn't sit back, so he joined Zodiac to make sure they stayed the good guys.

Our taxes are paying police to play with the Wiis of criminals!
*Sweeps up TNG frags.*
I think this might be a finger, that or TNG needs to see a doctor...
"Tries to rebuild TNG*

No one can resist the bowling!

Yeah, even though the Killers are a Mormon band.

This is REALLY interesting!
Well, if you watch all the videos and read what I say and what other people say, you could invest a nice ammount of time.
I just saw the last halfish on PBS's Nova and apparently it aired in Britain over a year ago, so it is on youtube.


I'll just leave you with part one there and you can click on the video and go to youtube for the other parts. This is PBS so you really have 60 straight minutes, and without bathroom breaks! :He did what?!: :I dont no anything about that...: :Lecture:

The gist from where I came in. (the twins, where one was naturally autistic.)
I think they are saying that the environment and choices of the male when the sperm he will use to have children are made have a kind of lasting effect on his Grandchildren and beyond. And the environment and choices of the women when her eggs are being produced and/or when she is pregnant will have an effect on her children. I'm not that sure about the woman thing, so...
Then they were saying that when poisoning rats, the fruits of the rats poor choices/luck continue to affect his children in some way for theoretically innumerable generations.
The basic implications of this in modern times, are that the children will reap the fruit of the sins of their father. Not just that the father will have to one day reap what he is due; he is dragging his innocent children into his mess. Or in more street language; you gotta think about what you're doing for your posterity. You smoke, your children and their great grandchildren share in your punishment, you selfish piece of crap! You are not living just for yourself, your living for the future of humanity. So snap out of it numbskull,*slaps you* and get thinking about what your choices mean in the long run! (street language is not kind, but it is blunt. *slaps you again for good measure*)

Our taxes are paying police to play with the Wiis of criminals!
Police in Florida were going into this dealers home to bust him for drugs. It seems the police had a short attention span, and when they saw his Wii, they immediately stopped searching and began to indulge themselves with bowling. Luckily the dealer had a security system and caught the rogue cops in the act. As you can see in the video, the police didn't use the strap or any form of protection. What kind of message is that sending to America's youth! When asked about this blatant display of reckless unprotected thrusting and swinging, the Police chief said "Certainly this was a case of bad judgment." How he felt about their unprofessional actions is unknown.

I find this hilarious! It is full of WIN! yet at the same time, plenty of FAIL!

You wanna know what song has been in my head? Well kid, i'm telling ya anyway!
"Jealousy, turning saints into the sea, swimming through sick lullabies, choking on your alibis.
But it's just the price I pay, destiny is calling me.
Open up my eagle eyes, i'm Mr. Brightside"
Yes, the song about a guy's dream girl being a prostitute.

What the heck?!
I can see it? What does it look like?

Some things I'm working on.
I don't know what the root could be unless it is the Mu symbol.

Some things I'm working on.
You don't know about Mu!? (pronounced "Moo" Yes, like a cow.) It was the 6th or 7th continent in the American system. (depending on what school of thought you come from.) Likely being relatively flat and low, comparitively with other continents. Also probably linking eurasia/austrailia to N/S America. Then by some means it disappeared, popular theories are that it, for the most part fell into the sea/was a little parabolic in land and flooded after a massive flood, Noah style. Or was subject to a major impact/quake which allowed it to be flooded.
If you ever look at a map of the world, see if you notice anything strange in the pacific, like a huge gap between continents in the mid to southern hemisphere littered with zillions of islands, in shallow shoresque waters... A lot of people don't believe, though. There are people who you will never unconvince, and then there are people like me who think it is possible and there is a lot of intriguing evidence, but wouldn't say they believe. Most people consider Mu(r)ians to have been an advanced society. The legend of Mu has been the inspiration for much of the legends of other "disappeared" places like Atlantis, and Lemuria. (The latter judging by the name would likely have been a city or nation on Mu. Atlantis could have also existed as a Mu(r)ian port city.

Some things I'm working on.
Is it just a helicopter or a real roflcopter? (If you want my most unlikely one, that in all honesty would be a fair word for it to have. Try Mu or Muian or Murian, then try atlantean and if they got atlantean, but no Mu(r)ian I'll be annoyed.)
Ok, here is the supposed list of every word, so all you have to do is input them and find out what they do.

Gameboi834's comics
I agree with DJ; cursing kind of takes away from it. I regret the comic I made, because I don't have time to continue it regularly. Although you may see a new one sometime soon. (several years and the first battle is still going... XD)

NeoIconPrimary 9/12/09
Note: Nominated characters from the prior elections are not carrying over.
How it works
This is your chance to let your voice be heard and have a hand in changing this forum for the better. You can have a hand in what new icons are uploaded. Is there one you really want to see? Well, now is the time to voice your opinion! (to see the current icons, hover over preferences and select change avatar.)
-You may make up to 20 nominations.
-Post any game character
-Feel free to offer images of a character
-Non-gaming characters you should supply an image.
-Please put offered images in spoiler tags.
-No real people for icons.
-Make sure it is not a blacklisted character
-Be very descriptive of what you want or prepare to be dissapointed. For example clarify FireMan or FireMan.exe. Blue Yoshi Versus Pink Yoshi, etc.
-No voter fraud
-The top 10 will advance to the Final Vote.
-Nominated icons will remain in the Final Vote round for 3 elections
-Do not nominate icons that will still be in the Final Vote from previous Primaries. For example if Green Koopa has not expired, don't nominate Green Koopa. You can however, nominate Red Koopa, Kooper, etc.
-If you would like to help with the election. Go to your preferences, then under profile options select joinable groups and join the Icon Election Group.


PyroGuy - To my knowledge we have exhausted all resources of PyroGuy. A nomination for him requires a new image.
Already in

Announcement! After this I am probably going to shorten the titles of these topics to NIP(Neo Icon Primary) and NIV(Neo Icon Voting) please make note.
Winners of the last election are...

This time i'll nominate

Felix -GS (however it fits best)
Ludwig Koopa
Bass (chest up shot)
Regular Grubba(I think, its the guy from PaperMario2 in the glitzpit)
Tom Nook
Crazy Red
Mayor Tortimer

National Day of Prayer Thread
He is doing better now, he is having to take a ton of time off of work though.

Yay! my DS works again!
I don't know why but it accepted a good calibration. Now i can get MMSF3... too bad MavrikGames got rid of his DS then we could be brothers.