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Ninja RP
Wolf1: Well we don't...

Ninja RP
Wolf2: There are only two of us, what do you expect? You expect us to have supercanine speed?

Ninja RP
Shadow: If it becomes a sun it will either stay stable right here posing no problem except to people in the immediate vicinity, or it will grow and burn the whole planet. So whether it kills anyone else in particular is irrelevant. Same kind of thing if it becomes a black hole, it will either just vacuum this small area occasionally emitting a laser or it will suck the whole planet up... or it could collapse into a black hole and then collapse on itself.
Wolf1: We are about 6 feet deep, hurry and get in this hole.

Newcomer: Mashbros
Well welcome again and have fun.

Newcomer: Mashbros
Welcome to NRPM in its dormant season. XD I have way to much homework this year, but i'll be on fairly often.
We also have a brawl tournament planned for october 18th.

Ninja RP
Shadow: Oases and the Oases Islands are known for being cool, considering their location on the planet. Scientists theorize that there is a jet stream that runs from beneath Chillo to the Oases area. So I'm betting that there are underground caverns both in Chillo and Oases, Embassy Isle is one of the Oases isles... If we dig perhaps we can find an underground spring. even if not it would shelter us from the heat somewhat, if we did find a spring it would be nippy down there, we could use it to cool off and then return, to fight. If we could somehow dig... That is it, i'm too hot to dig, but wolf summons arn't.
He uses his Ninergy to summon a couple wolves to dig.
Maguey: Some summons won't help you...
He fires a storm of needles.

Ninja RP
Shadow: Who knows, I... don't want to consider this possibility, but suppose we turned him into a sun... If we did, if it stays it could establish itself and become a second sun... or if it collapsed it could create a blackhole... neither is good. It's no good I can't get up...
Maguey: If you can't stand the heat get out of the oven.
A small puddle nearby has finally evaporated.
Shadow: wait I have an idea... come over and I'll whisper it so cactus boy can't hear.

Ninja RP
Shadow: I... can't stand it...
He falls limp and dazed.

Ninja RP
Now the acid is covering most of his body, he screams in pain as the light bouces around inside of him trapped by the acid outside. Then in a bright flash accompanied by a loud boom, he explodes. The white light of the explosion however just lingers and a glowing ball shines excessively bright light down onto Rosuto, Shadow and Maguey. The air continues to exponentially heat as the ball lingers for what seems like eternity, never once making signs to disperse.
Maguey: Interesting, but living in Mhirone and being Cacti like this heat is nothing new for me.
Shadow pants.
Shadow: This light, will it ever go down, it has got to be over 90 degrees...

OOC: No your acid trapped the light enough for it to become trapped and force him to combust.

Ninja RP
Grotto: The sun is ready!
The sunlight all flies into him and he begins glowing brightly.

Ninja RP
Grotto: Your doom is so imminent I will jump in.
He jumps down and then hops back up.
Grotto: Try whatever you have mere minutes.

How is school?
I would say something to maybe the principle, he sounds like a bully.
My history teacher assigned a video project for today basically Tuesday. (He mentioned it but never gave enough info to start until about Tuesday) They won't be shown until the coming Tuesday, but they are required in Thursday*.
So last night I begin filming it and put it on a dvd, but my computer won't read it right and my DVDR won't finalize it which I figured was the problem, so then I try recording it on a new disc and my tape gets eaten.
So today I explain and he grants everybody until tuesday an hour before class to turn it in. I still have to find a way to do it, but I should have time. My homework this year is really overwhelming.

*My school has a college schedule.

Ninja RP
Grotto: It is getting even closer to noon, even if I jumped into your acid it till wouldn't eat me in time, assuming it could...
OOC: Don't stop with the acid, it is going to play a part in his defeat.

Ninja RP
Grotto: You can't damage a diamond except with another diamond.

Ninja RP
Maguey: I know a poison technique... The needles in his pores grow larger and then are launched out at everybody.

Ninja RP
Shadow: Metal tail! He flips and drives his tail into grotto again piercing through the iron.
Grotto: You are a tough puppy... But You cannot counter my next form. GemionBody!
His body becomes one large diamond.
Grotto: It is almost noon... as noon grows close your doom will have arrived, you see being Diamond, not only is the only thing that can hurt me diamond, but I act as a prism. Forrester, go reinforce the others up ahead.
Forrester: Yes sir.
Forrester leaps away to meet the villians awaiting the others.
Shadow: With ninterpol being here I wonder if one of us should follow.
Meanwhile the rest of the group.
Mr.- : I knew I would attract you.
Lithium: I hope you are ready to get pulverized.
Sparx:Your in for a shock, Oh and I corrupted one of our enimies!
Serenade: Your life shall end now!
Cossack: We're surrounded! Doijom, Slash you want to hold this group back with me?

How is school?
Retarded as in retarded or as a figure of speech.

Ninja RP
Maguey forms another dustdevil and has it negate Meshi's.
Forrester: We are too strong...
His wood towers rise.

Ninja RP
Grotto: Not, quite I stole some of Mitaly's techniques, I can reuse heat and electricity... Not to the extent as Mitalians, but still.
Maguey: Sand grasp!
Beneath everybody some sand forms around their feet and begins pulling them into the ground.
Maguey: We make a good team, amigos! But let me suffocate one in sand and then turn them to a diamond. He chuckles evils as he imagines crushing the heroes alive in a ball of sand.

Ninja RP
Grotto: Oh crap.... I didn't think I would have to go to level 2.... IRON BODY!
His body turns into iron
Forrester: Wood Tower!
Large wood pillars begin to jut out beneath everybody.