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Dark Knight
Where is neon green? could it be your browser?
You use it in the spam board or in place of :Nuts:. My reasoning is the ones you start with mostly suck and this is a gaming forum. I also like animated Emoticons.
The banner changes and I've been too lazy/busy to work at it.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
OOC: I need this theme at a slower more managable pace.
Plot: In 2009 Isaac E. Cain a promising student exhibited a strange skill, He would always have the right answer and before he could say it a classmate would. After class his friend said it was like he heard Isaac shout the answer but he didn't. Everyone said the same thing, no one cared because of this Isaac had more trouble as if he was slipping. One day he could hear the teacher think the answer before a question as chaos ensued with his kleptoholic friends. The teacher got suspicious. The teacher had been known for killing students before in fits of rage when they defied him, it was just a rumor and no-one could prove whether it happened or not. His friends ratted out they could hear him, with out hesitating he pulled out a strange device and trapped Isaac in a electric trap. "We have found a mutant Mr. President the DNA mutation has created beasts." He heard the Pres. Say "The previous vice president will arive and take him to a center. The DNA mutation 40% of violent crimes are commited by those." The teacher pulled out a whip and smacked Isaac. "He's dangerous, he's a murderous beast!". Shortly after Dick Cheney arrived and took him away before flying off in a UFO like ship.
That was just the start, many others became mutants. Isacc turned out to seem oddly stable and was made the overseer of The James Madison University Of Gifted Individuals(or in official classified documents "Mutant Penile Hubb 7"). This is nothing more than a prison, when Isaac gives the ok they are drafted into the military and exploited like attack dogs. Isaac hates this and rarely "graduates" anyone. He's found a loophole through the one student per year and only has to sacrifice one life every 5 years. Although it is a prison, Isaac is a nice man and has a kind of safehaven here. It's certainly more safe than freedom. Isaac wishes to form an army to fight for his equality but first he needs strong students his telepathy alone can't save his people.


Ability:(only pick one please and try to not use the same as others.


  • No goddmodding or stuff thats obvious.
  • Only 6 characters without asking
  • Also you can only use 3 of your characters at a time without asking.(IE. one must go away for a while etc.)
  • No cheap shots or cheap actions. (I.E. freezing time and beating the crap out of someone etc.
  • Only one power per character without permission. (theme packs are most likely to be accepted. Like Remember Lithium? Being metal and able to manipulate metal as well as use fire or electricity)
  • Keep it somewhat realistic.
  • Don't have complete control of your power from the start.
Name:Isaac E. Cain
Bio:The first mutant and leader a kind man. He's often seen looking at a school picture of him and a girl and a couple guys, with a sad look.
Appearance: Caring, sad eyes. He has a beard and glasses and often a lab coat.
Ability:Telepathy (reading others memories and being able to project his mind)

Bio:He was discovered only a month after Isaac, He seems sot of unstable and was used to show the danger of the mutants.
Appearance: Eyes that can make you feel uneasy, a creepy smirk, dark clothes and special silver gloves he must wear.
Ability:He can change any element on the periodic table to any other item on the table.

Bio:Just caught today 2019, her story is a sad one child of one of Isaac's high school friends, at the age of 8 her parent was brutally killed by the government, she escaped from their grasp and ran for 2 years before some bad cops found her and abused her then sent her to the government.
Appearance: Similar to Iris.exe
Ability:She can manipulate computers.

A truck pulls up in the middle of a forest. A bruised and bloody girl is thrown out.
Bad cop1: I'm glad the president let us take care of this one.
The second one Laughs before tossing a bag with her stuff so it is spread across the ground around her.
Bad cop2: Did you remember us we killed her kid... But thats not all we did but you know what all we did to her now.
Iris sits up as they speed away...
Iris: All my stuff... and my OWWW!!! My back.
She falls flat on her face crying.

Ninja RP
Sirseris: Shade... Do you not realize the evil your wishing to fight?
Gbpa: WHAT THE CRAPIN' CARP! He's the dark goth dude!
Felom: Ironic isn't it... But my protege.. You are doing fine. Such hate deep inside you, I almost thought you were the worthless one Gbpa.
Doijom: Explain yourself! What happened to Klaton?
Felom: SILENCE! In a way you are my protege too shade. Klaton what a fool sacrificing himself for nothing. First Klaton imprisonment skill was far overated some said it would seal forever but it only last 1000 years to the minute... I knew this, I knew i was invincible there i'd feel the pain but I could still store a mass of energy in my hand wait for it to regenerate and add to it... I need 50 years of energy to preform the stoning skills. Scratch that, I did need 50 years my power production increased do to my amassing of energy. I'd need 1000 years for "The Ultimate Skill Ever"... I used a stoning skill about 800 years in, but klaton had been pooling his own energy and could shake it off. I decided to preform a weaker version of the Ultimate Skill right after so as to have a weak monster with my Darkness, my favorite ability and eventually my power. A son if you will, Although zombie like with no thoughts, Klaton had never heard of the weaker version so he foolishly thought I had mustered enough energy for the full power one. The fool used his pooled energy to add to skill as I was creating the DNA for my son. He knew With enough energy it could be altered. His energy boosted it to full power, He split my perfect son into 2 monsters, You two. The one he put his energy into to be the one to stop me shade. I got you Gbpa... My genetic skill yours. I wish to see the two of you fight, Shade you are not worthless to me if you and gbpa united you would be unstoppable.
Doijom: Gbpa is your son?

Ninja RP
Felom: *hidding in a bush* Fight my dog... Shade, GBPA FIGHT!!!
Shade: Be careful I sense a something very powerful... so much evil energy nearby, It's making me want to fight anything.
Gbpa: Felom! He's near I can feel it....
Doijom:Wait... You have no special sensory skills how can you sense him... Nevermind.... *he summons a wolf* Prince Sirseris I need your aid...
Shadow: Ooh! Hey cousin...
Sirseris: Shut up rat... We don't have time to talk the great evil one is near can't you see his darkness... Wait there are 2 with great darkness.... one is almost on us!!!
Shade: *swats a few vines.* Something powerful is nearby! *His eyes glaze as he sees Gbpa.* Fight me Gbpa... It's our destiny to fight!
Gbpa: Sure thing... *gbpas agressive eyes supress a bit.* after we take care of "him".
OOC: Next post I'll clear up klatons fate and who Felom's "Dog"/right hand man is.

Call me uncle GBPA!
I'm an uncle now. Ok don't seriously call me uncle Gbpa. I took yesterday off so I could be there (in the hospital not in the room) when my sister gave birth.

Ninja RP
Shade: *drops down from a tree* what took ya so long?
A short distance away
Doijom: Now i'll make sure you can run up walls by using this cliff. You must climb it. Let your ninja essence converse with the cliff molecules' protrons and electrons.
Shadow: Slowly jumps at the cliff and stands there before running to the top.
Gbpa: I can do that!
Doijom: Hold it... *He fires a hadoken at a tree next to Gbpa.* Lucky, you held your cool i'd hate to have to kill you. I didn't want you to have any memory of your pet doing this... It does you no good if another must do something first. Well I'm heading up. *he begins walking at a regular pace up.* If you succede I have a treat for you.
Gbpa: *takes a deep breath...* It's not as smooth as a wall but he's right. *He begins walking a good pace up then he starts to lose his footing and teeters wildly on one leg.* WUUHHAAAHHH!!! *He falls, but manages to regain his footing and makes it to the top, there is a nice trail that is labeled "Path to the bottom... DON'T USE CLIFF!"
Doijom: I belive roy and his students may be nearby but I may be mistaken...

Cool ninja site!
Click and tell me what you think.

Ninja RP
OOC: I made it so they have to validate themselves. If they can do that they may violate our rights again.
Shade: *goes to the school and sleeps in the courtyard on a bench*
Doijom: *finishes packing a pack and 3 smaller ones* Hey shade, You ought to go find a friends house to sleep in.
Shade: I like sleeping outside with nature.
Doijom: He can almost see shade laying on a hill the same way the young Klaton and felom were depicted in books. *he turns and goes to his home to sleep*
The next morning
Gbpa and shadow: Where were you doijom?
Doijom: I overslept... You ready to learn to live in the wilderness?
Gbpa: You bet! I love being surrounded by nature.
Doijom pauses remembering what shade said... He shakes it off knowing so many students know him as the cool teacher primarily since science teachers are always cool. He tosses a map to each of his students.
Doijom: were going into the wood there. There are some great areas to train that way.
OOC: We can sort of stick together if you wish or just meet once in a while.

Count to 10,000 by primes
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Today we'll begin counting to 10,000 by primes.
A prime is explained here Clickied.
Or basically a number that can only be divided by 1 and itself. Supposedly 1 isn't a prime. But I can't prove either way so we'll trust them.
Rules of this post the number of the prime before the prime.
2,  Then the next person


5, etc.

Post only one prime per post.
if one day passes you may double or triple (or quad, quint, etc.)post. I'll start.

Ninja RP
Shade: I'm just curious about how his friendship helps him. *he stops talking but continues to think "And I want to observe his genetic skill"* Well it's getting a little late, where are we going to meet at tomorrow?

Ninja RP
Ooc: Yeah, but after or i don't understand what you meant to type.


Ninja RP
OOC: what was that last thing.

Ninja RP
Shade: I think he returned to the school or maybe his home.

Ninja RP
Shade: I was talking about all of you. Your all inferior, your only uses would be as pawns. *he uses his shadow control skill to create chess peices that are dieing to protect a king.*
Doijom: Shade there are people much stronger than me out there now... Imagine one person more powerfull than 10,000 of me with a countless army of ninjas as strong as me.
Shade: I could handle that in my sleep. *He thinks "yeah that loser Gbpa beat you."*
Doijom:Your problem is you underestimate friendship. Gbpa is special anyway.
Shade: Yeah "SPECIAL!" Heh, heh.
Doijom: He has a special skill. Through the process of microevolution some ninjas gain a special mutation skill. This is passed down through every generation... or at least thats what we thought the last known ninja with that ability was... Nevermind he couldn't have. If two ninjas with a genetic skill have a child they will get some kind of fusion ability between the 2. I need to be going now. *he jumps away*
Shade: *thinks "Wait... Gbpa could he... He used that didn't he? I know my history the last ninja to have that ability was 'him'... Why and how could this have happened. I must ask him... Doijom you fool, he has returned..." He smirks before uttering a few words* Perhaps I do underestimate friendship. If you don't mind Roy sensei i'd like to observe gbpa using this friendship for a few days.

Ninja RP
Shade: Hmph! I don't need any of you.

Ninja RP
Doijom: *looks at gbpa* Yeah, he's a normal human. *He thinks"maybe My suspicion was wrong."* Well go home guys tomorow we leave be at the school fountain at 8:00!
What are your plans for your students? I'm going to teach them to survive on long trips and defend against rouge ninjas. Eventually felom... g... gbpa fought directly with felom and was beaten... Then he, felom just left as if he had more important buisness. It was like it's all a test for him. *He realizes not everyone might know one of his skills is telepathy.* One of my skills is to read minds.

Ninja RP
Doijom: *thinks I can't reveal what I suspect* Gbpa has exibited a special skill... I think Felom is spreading his evil through something or someone... It was almost like Gbpa was grasped by the power when his skill activated. How did your students do?
OOC: are you going to have Shade as a student?

Ninja RP
Gbpa: *is behind doijom, His fists glow and he begins holding doijom and hyper punching him. He then let's go and hyper punches doijom into the ground. For good measure he adds a hadoken. He feels something deep inside his soul telling him to fire another hadoken directly into diojoms head. His hand rises.*
Doijom: No, You passed with flying colors! NOOO!!!! *his bloodcurdling scream can be heard along with the sound of a hadoken.
*smoke clears*
Shadow: Gbpa whats wrong with you! *his fur has been seared off his back from him taking the hadoken.*
Gbpa: *his eyes triangles disappear* It was like I lost control... But I wanted to finish doijom and help that one.
Doijom:*his voice echos again* FELOM!! H-How did you use a mega punch and a hadoken...
Gbpa: I Think I have a special ninja ability... When struck with a blow I sometimes feel the urge to do something form a copy... Temporary knowledge of what skill was used But then later I can barely call upon it.
Doijom: Felom had the same ability... Some say he passed it to klaton but no one knows. When felom was young his family was killed by a rouge ninja. Felom meant to avenge it but it led to darkness. Klaton supposedly cut into his spine and severed the genetic link between his shinobi power nerves and the rest of his nerves. *he worries of what this could mean*
OOC: shinobi power nerves is a fictional nerve that allows usage of skills though it's excretions.

Ninja RP
OOC: Felom won't be back (in sight of at least)for a while.
Doijom:I plan to teach the frog summon if they pass. *he fires a couple hadokens* I'm sorry students even though no-one so far has gotten close to passing and with me being one of the better senseis, I won't show any mercy.
Gbpa: Let's Rock! *he moves directly into one and then 10 shuriken and thrown at doijom, the smoke clears to show Gbpa used the generic antidamage skill with the mirage skill*
Doijom: *flips a kunai out of each pocket so each hand has two pointing opposite directions. He blocks all but 1 of the shuriken. He thinks "A student just connected a shuriken so early!"* He then notices one Gbpa's hair blowing more and hyper punches him into the ground.
Shadow in blaze form:*tackles doijom*
Doijom: *vanishes leaving a flaming Log. Then he uses a hyper punch to send shadow flying up into a tree.

Ninja RP
Doijom: well it's time for the test.
*Gbpa and shadow quickly run in the direction he heads off too*
Doijom: *to himself* So far noone else has even scored more than a 20 on this test I hope my difficulty won't be too hard for these 3.
*above a building nearby some eyes can be spotted on it's roof*
Felom: Klaton I hope you hear this from your stone prison! you sacrificed yourself for nothing! My super ninja soldier is excelling beyond what I could hope. If I can get the other to my side the world will truely be in my hand. *his eyes decend into the roof* I still may not need the one with the raw power if my soldier can suceed and use the ultimate skill the Dog skill! I'll let him gain controll of it before taking him in. I can't believe I didn't recognize him at first.
OOC: this is leading to an unexpected twist and a conclusion of what happened in the 1000 year battle.