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Kirby skin released.
I know it just dosn't quite look right, But I'm not exactly sure how to change it so it looks any better.

4th icon election phase 2
Ok i'll post the final phase probably tomorrow.

Look at the members who are joining
Were getting a steady flow of new member right now but I'm not sure if they are spam or jokes or real Stringking? No offense if stringking becomes active, That rymes actually and in a good way.

The Bowser Domain
Ok you can look for it it's in board wrappers in footer I think it's the first and edit it or if you want i'll Pm it too you.

The Bowser Domain
Huh? I'm glad your planning to reopen it sometime. Also if you want you can borrow/use some of the stuff from here.

We're never doing one of these threads again!

Megaman Star Force
Theres the link, If you've been surfing the web and know how sites are made you should be able to navigate that site if you want to see what each style can do click the 3rd option just above the blue thing (marked new) and wait for it to load and click on bothe options beside the movie box the first a regular battle the second the hyper move. I suspect a strange alein posseses the main character mutating him into megaman and allowing him to move from reality to the Net(?) But don't know, also they may now be taking bosses from the X series now because the boss shown looks like a fire buffolo or somthing.

Megaman Star Force
Have you been going to the japanese megaman website?

Megaman Star Force
It looks awsome I'll post what I know, It has to do with astronomy, there will be three versions, Leo, pegasus and Dragon (Draco). Each one is like a style from battle network including a hyper move as well, Pegasus style freezes foes and it's hyper creates a bunch of ice peircing your foes, Dragon style shoots leaf darts on all rows and creates a leaf tornado for hyper. Leo which looks best megaman shoots a flamethrower (Boo! Old!) but his hyper is a fire hadoken. Like the tails used but of fire. Also you seem to be stuck on the very back. And I can't understand what the japanese guy is saying in the promotional video so Thats all I know.

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

you could of had me just change your name. Do you want to be staff again?

Chat box trouble.
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, with the NRPM chat box server company, please be patiant most likley this will be sorted out soon if not I have an idea.

Count to 5.55554545454545455454509
I geuss you've heard the Wii will be released in november at 250$ as a white system with Wii sports. (I wanted any color but white)

The Naruto Game
I may join a few forums soon I might join this one later.

Count to 5.55554545454545455454509
monday was my birthday I got the 4 MegaMan battle network games I didn't have. And a keychain that says "so many pedestrians so little time" So far I've just scored 5000 points.... I'm kidding i'm a good driver.

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:Oh Crap: He may have just returned to advertise!

Count to 5.55554545454545455454509
A member that wasn't very active returned. Yay! :Bouncy:

Party! celebrate the 2 great men of nintendo.
With the wii coming let's celebrate for the 2 big people miyamoto and iwata.... wait theres really 3 reggie the guy who looks like DK he should get the same treatment.

treasure hunt.
you'll get zenny a probably a special sig if you sucede of course the value will go down as people find out the answer.

Rules: No one may help someone figure this out exept me, if you need help PM me and if i feel nice i'll give you a hint. So that means don't post how you found out ect. untill I 3 people find it, if more people are saying their participating maybe you could hold back.

First hint check the agust news letter look for a one word bad nintendo related pun, then check for somthing popular that has to do with "fighting" in the "general area" of the implied "site". now check in that "Official" site for 2 big things that start with "W" come back here and continue the search by using the 2 answers together to find my edited posts.