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Question about SMB4
I wasn't as happy with it. The old games were nice and clean, you push jump and you jump. The enemies were also nice and simple and there was always a secret to surviving every difficult section unscathed. This game not so much, you have no idea how many times I died, still used to there being a pattern or secret. Each life is completely different, the enemies behave differently, they lack patterns, making surviving luck.

Offically done with Nintendo
I think JRPGs are the real RPGs, I think RPGs originated from Japan. (except for maybe absolute garbage like dungeons of dragons or whatever they call it)

German? Your school doesn't have Spanish? German has got to be the worst second language to learn, taking into account how most of the other languages use an entirely different phonics system. (granted English is a half exception language, taking words from many different languages.)
They have a driving school?!

I liked Geometry,
War History, I never took that. American History went deep enough into all of the wars America had ties too. As long as they don't get into Israel's wars it probably would be easy enough.
I found Governement mildly painful, only because the teacher knew which questions were written by a retarded person or were 5th time repeat questions, and would cross them out. I did that in one semester, and then I had the fun of Finance!
Chemistry is a bipolar, love-hate subject...

Offically done with Nintendo
Is that an rpg, I kind of like RPGs, but I'm picky, I like good ones that don't include 3 useless stats that affect the gameplay in no way. They also need to be somewhat unique, even if in an undergroud, WTF!?/Corney way. Breath of Fire 2 on the VC for example is a great RPG that pioneered many things and systems now commonplace, yet gets no credit for them. Sure the game is confusing and weird as heck. It is probably the most brutally difficult RPG ever. If you don't follow a FAQ you can permenently miss events, most will only bother a completionist; for example not getting to expand your village, or missing several Shamans. One however will cut your game short and give you the bad ending. GoldenSun took quite a bit from BOF in some ways(shamans/Djinni come to mind right off the bat), of course GS is made by Camelot, a company co-owned by Capcom, the maker of BOF. (heck, even GS will barr you from a dungeon if you don't transfer your fully completed data!)
I do like Fighting games though and TVC looks awesome. For more info on TVC...

Offically done with Nintendo
No, but I keep up with hardcore Wii games and there is a big one coming the end of this year. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. (yes, you can look forward to me repeatedly bringing it up until, and past its release.)

I think my dog is too melodramatic!
I just came home from lunch and found him committing suicide. He had hooked his collar on the blinds and managed to trip the shade release, meaning it was pulling him up and the shade was trying to close. We were not gone very long, but apparently it was too much for him to take.
Edit: He just did it again!

Neo Icon Election Primary 8/29/09
You nominate new ones. The first one ended, so this is a whole new cycle.

Hello and welcome! Are you an NC'er? :He did what?!:

Neo Icon Election Primary 8/29/09
Note: Nominated characters from the prior elections are not carrying over.
How it works
This is your chance to let your voice be heard and have a hand in changing this forum for the better. You can have a hand in what new icons are uploaded. Is there one you really want to see? Well, now is the time to voice your opinion! (to see the current icons, hover over preferences and select change avatar.)
-You may make up to 20 nominations.
-Post any game character
-Feel free to offer images of a character
-Non-gaming characters you should supply an image.
-Please put offered images in spoiler tags.
-No real people for icons.
-Make sure it is not a blacklisted character
-Be very descriptive of what you want or prepare to be dissapointed. For example clarify FireMan or FireMan.exe. Blue Yoshi Versus Pink Yoshi, etc.
-No voter fraud
-The top 10 will advance to the Final Vote.
-Nominated icons will remain in the Final Vote round for 3 elections
-Do not nominate icons that will still be in the Final Vote from previous Primaries. For example if Green Koopa has not expired, don't nominate Green Koopa. You can however, nominate Red Koopa, Kooper, etc.
-If you would like to help with the election. Go to your preferences, then under profile options select joinable groups and join the Icon Election Group.


PyroGuy - To my knowledge we have exhausted all resources of PyroGuy. A nomination for him requires a new image.
Already in

Ok, for those who skimmed over the rules again, the main change is you can nominate 20, 15 was too awkward in my opinion.
The winners of the last election were Eevee, Tryanitar, Volkner, Umbreon, Alex, Isaac and Boo. The tie breaker was Dawn 10, Fawful 11 Mantine 6. They will be up soon!

This week I'm voting
Mr. Game and watch (headshot)
Dry Bowser
Felix -GS (however it fits best)
Jenna -GS (however it fits best)
Spider -XCM (chest up shot)
Ludwig Koopa
Morton Koopa
Bass (chest up shot)

Wow, brutal...
I bet someone erected a sign somewhere, kind of like what I put on the map.

How many sides does a line have?
Now consider wouldn't it also have a top side? on two interescting planes(3 dimensions) it would also have probably have a bottom.

Who else is excited and planning to get this?! Let's keep ourselves all hyped!

Ok, I admit this is about 25% a ploy to get people excited and wanting this game. Why? Ok, lets look at this, Capcom is taking a big risk localizing a game in which half of the characters no one has heard of. We have people complaining about no hardcore, and this game is StreetFighter4:lite. Ok so this is the closest Wii owners can get to SF4, for now. So now imagine if it sells a zillion copies early on. What will Capcom think? They will think "Wii owners eat up our "hard-mediumhardcore" games, or at least the fighting games. They are so starved, or maybe open minded they will buy a game even though they only know half of the characters. Let's see how we can put out more hardcore games for Wii." That is the main reason that hardcore games are a teensy bit sparse, particularly the good ones. A company releases "The Hardcore" Wii game and it bombs, while WiiMusic sells a million copies... We need the game to all unite and buy, this game will be awesome unless it is like Marvel Vs. Capcom1. Regardless they plan to include online play, so it also would be a great game for an entire community to own. Oh and we US gamers are getting 4 BONUS characters! 4! This is "The Game" to reward for!

the other 75% is because this game looks ******* AWESOME!
MegaMan, Roll, Viewitiful Joe and some really cool looking Tatsunoko. (oh and the final boss is
Spoiler: click to toggle
I am so getting this game!
Spoiler: click to toggle

Edit: Almost Bad news. One character(Hakushon Daimo or something) has been removed because he couldn't be licensed for America. We won't be missing much though, he was a "huge" bumbling fool taking pretty much all of Japans black stereotypes and pasting them on a white genie. His ending consists of him riding a magic carpet for about ten seconds and his mini-game is a bare minimum mathematical training game that doesn't even appear to take advantage of the Wii's pointer. Still we are getting 4 more characters then Japan, so do we care about missing a socially volatile looking genie?

Question about the Icon election
Thats kinda what i'm thinking, alright the next one's second part is going to end on my birthday... because it is my birthday! Each phase or part will last one week and will end on friday, hopefully the next started on saturday.
*Bang gavel*
Court is adjourned! :nameiscool: wiggitywack

How many sides does a line have?
I think that is what they teach you, but think about it. How can anything other than a solid spherical/eliptical object have one side? I kinda thought that was acceptable for shapes because they could be solid inside. If you look at a vertical segment and something like light hits it from the left, does it not hit on one side of the segment and not both? If you have a block of cheese no matter how thin you slice it, it will still have at least two sides. If that is true how can a line have just one side. Even if you have a sheet of cheese a single molecule thick across it has two sides. (actually if you're getting down to the molecule it would have 6)
This has always bothered me, kind of like division by zero being impossible. (But, I divided by zero, by working out what division by zero is, in a story problem. It actually is really obvious... and the universe actually held out pretty well. :P)

Dr. Wily
Dr. Albert Wily (dock-tuhr w-eye-lee) Posted Image
Dr. Wily is the crazy mad scientist villain of the classic MegaMan games. Once the assistant of Dr. Light he aided Dr. Light in creating the first humanoid robots. Technically making him MegaMan's step father and all of his creations, MegaMan's step brothers. Jealous of Dr. Light he secretly reprogrammed all of the robots in the lab, save Rock and Roll. After Rock sacrificed his peaceful life and foiled his master plan, Wily went back to work creating his own robots to take revenge on MegaMan. From this point on, world domination took a backseat to getting his revenge on MegaMan. After that plan failed he began stealing and reprogramming robots again and pretending to have come to his senses to get his hands on a giant robot. During this Plan he also tricked ProtoMan into fighting against MegaMan.
After being stopped three times, Wily decides to blackmail Dr. Cossack into pitting his robots against MegaMan by kidnapping his daughter, Kalinka. When that plan fails he creates more of his own robots to take revenge on ProtoMan for realizing Wily had tricked him and becoming a thorn in his side. He framed ProtoMan hoping to have both menaces destroy each other.
Then he had his most brilliant plan, but he would need to become someone else. He took on the name Mr.X, and organized a tournament to find the strongest robot. This plan would give him access to the worlds strongest robots. When the field was narrowed to eight he took those eight semi-finalists and explained the strongest robot would be the one of those eight who could destroy MegaMan. To his horror, MegaMan proved he was the strongest and had Wily arrested.
Wily was prepared for this however, he had created more robots, including Bass, while he was hosting the tournament. When he did not contact his robots for several months they would awaken and come to his aid. Bass had a special role, to gain MegaMan's trust and then destroy him when he didn't expect it. This plan was not good enough to work though.
He begins working on eight more robots, however before he can create a plan he comes in contact with Evil/Alien Energy and goes completely insane.
At some point he also corrupted eight more of Dr. Lights robots turning sibling against sibling.
He also is the one who created Zero.
All together the humanoid robots he has created are.
Bass and Treble

Going to st. Louis for a while
When I was younger, I didn't think i was attractive, but judging by a few events I am. I still don't have the confidence I should, but that partially comes from my killer(in a bad way) voice. :XD: I sounded like bigbird with flegm on his vocal chords and a stuffed up nose, when i had to make my valedictorian address... I was so mortified when I heard my speech playing back on the video my mom recorded.

What about the question about the icon election right beneath the second part of the election?

How many sides does a line have?
I'm talking about the mathematical lines, rays and segments. Mainly segments.
In case you have not taken geometry yet.
Line - is a straight curve that extends forever in both directions.
Ray - A straight curve that extends forever in one direction
Segment - A limited Line or Ray that has two set end points. Segments compose various shapes such as triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, nonogans and endless other "gons".
Here is an image for the visual learners.
Posted Image

So to avoid moving subjects, lets start with stationary segments.
How many sides does a segment have in total? Does the dimensions of the plane affect how many sides? (For example a line on an XY axis(2D) versus a line graphed on the XYZ axis(3D))

I won't go into my opinion until a few people post, so as to not sway them one way or another.
(Yes, I know I'm too nerdy... :P)

Offically done with Nintendo
Sex scenes? :GarfGarf, Yummy, GarfGarf: Interesting...

F-Zero Manual
Spoiler: click to toggle

As you can see many pages are missing.
All images, characters and depictions are copyrighted to Nintendo.

Helping fill in the gaps
If something that has been archived has low quality or is missing parts and you have those parts feel free to PM an admin to edit your additions in or the person who originally posted the archive for that piece.