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Ninja RP
L: You see, I was born a half breed. My mother had no super light power or dark power within. She had plenty of ninergy in fact the most ninergy a female has ever gotten and she had technique like no other, yet her ninergy is mostly useless to me. Well not entirely, this jutsu i'm using on you was something only she or her descendants could pull off. You know who she was? Tsunade...
Gbpa spits some blood out of his mouth.
Gbpa: It all makes sense... Orochimaru or Felom rapes her and her husband swears to slay that snake in the grass!
L: So you know the truth about Orochimaru, Eh? No wonder his power is so strong in you... You mastered his bloodline traits didn't you? You have been calling upon his power, you have repeatedly burst your ninergy banks, which makes you no longer a ninergy virgin; No way it can't be i've never come close to breaking mine!
Gbpa: Yes... what is this of ninergy virginity?
L: It looks like your friends are just yards away, yet i'm close enough they will be to late. I'll be quick explaining this, It is a controversial technique of expelling so much ninergy your bank breaks, if not treated well or soon enough it can do serious damage! Yet if it heals the users ninergy grows by huge leaps and bounds. It is said Jiraya and Orochimaru had increased healing of their ninergy bank, yet today knowingly doing this is illegal.
He pulls the sword out and sticks his hand in and begins yanking this energy like phantom out of Gbpa.

Ninja RP
OOC: LOL, you've found out the reason for L's creation.
L punches Gbpa into a wall and holds him with a MiasmaKinetic hold.
L: I don't have time to waste, i've started the process and my Ninergy is rapidly draining.
He summons his sword and cuts Gbpa's clothes off and then cuts various symbols in his Flesh. before stabbing the sword in the center perfectly.
L: You have the power of my father inside of you, it appears as you get stronger so does his power. Just earlier today it flared up didn't it?
Gbpa: ...Felom? You are the son of Felom? He had a biological son?
L: Yes... Frozen for nearly 1000 years at birth, then some of his loyal servants found my thawed infant body, they raised me to know how to use all of his power, there was one problem I always faced...

I could just see 2 adolescent males thinking it would be cool to have their gerbils meet and then when they meet being forced to watch like a train wreck, Or car accident. (You just have to look over at the wreckage)

Did you buy it pregnant, or did your friend bring his over and then you watched the two of them go at it?

Ninja RP
Shadow: He speaks spanish, he is from Mhirone. Anyway I'm off to find him.
He runs off to catch the spanish speaking rep.
Off somewhere else
L: Hey, I'm ready to collect my birthright punk! Get over here.
Gbpa: I'm sorry just tell me what your birthright is and I'll give you whatever trinket you want.
L: It's not that simple... But I have no intention of letting you keep it so don't worry this will only sting for a minute unless you move, then it will be a slow painful death.

Ninja RP
Shadow chuckles.
Shadow: A knife, you want other ninja to laugh at you? Regular non-ninjas carry regular old combat knives. Wait I got a better idea... A lot of ninja simply have weapon summons, if you could catch a representative you might be able to learn a weapon technique they know. Then you just alter your ninergy output and customize it. Ninjas also often use various transmutations such as changing their hands to claws and some even go a step further to change the claw part to knives, others simply transform their arms into swords. You know I just got a great idea for a new move! I have to find Maguey.

Need a 360...
Lend him your soul...

Whenever I am in a situation like that, I just decide i'll buy the system it is for when it's price drops a lot and then get the games. The only problem, the ps2 has yet to drop because it is utterly owning the ps3, but what isn't?

Ninja RP
Gbpa: Something tells me he isn't the kind of person to slowly weaken you, something tells me he is more of a head-on brawler. I hope I don't have to fight him anyway though.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~off somewhere
????: L, I talked to your father not long ago, remember if you work with us we will overthrow him and you will become far stronger than he ever was. (Then I will kill, both of you and become a God)

Ninja RP
Shadow follows Rosuto as well.
Gbpa: (that kid... I can't risk him hurting my friends.) I'll just go on my own.
Shadow: You can't... that guy, you need backup.
Gbpa: I don't want you to get hurt! I'm going alone!

Ninja RP
Doijom: Why don't you all go explore while I check us in at the hotel.

lEIk sPAm cHaT.
lyze!!!1! Leyes!!!11!! L!!!se!!!!!!!1

Ninja RP
Some other reps come to greet them after L leaves.
Slash: Something told me you were coming here too.
Doijom readies himself.
Slash: Relax i won't fight you here we have bigger things, going on... But still one day we will settle this feud.
Doijom: Very well I won't turn you over for now.
Forrester: Doijom is it? Nice to meet you, i'm the Arbolian rep.
Torren: I'm the Oases rep.
Pyro: I'm from Ignixion... Hold the cheers and applause.
Mr.-(negative): We are twins from Magrica.
Serenade: There is only one of you...
Mr.-: Huh?
Then his eyes bugg and his skin tone changes.
Mr.+(positive): Excuse my crazy friend, we were born in the same body.
Groto: I'm from spelunt the mining city!
Dr. Cossack: Doijom, old buddy you never told me it was warm here.
Lithium: I was sent by the Mitaly people.
Maguey: Estoy de Mhirone, amigos... Senors Y senoritas?
Every one just looks at him as if he is an idiot.
Sparx: Like i'm like from like Zapan, and is so awesome, being like selected to represent like my land is like so awesome. Like I'm really like charged for this.
Maguey: El es muy loco!

Ninja RP
L: Make no mistake, I know nothing of him, Nor do I need anyone. When ninja are out doing a mission dealing with others only brings complications, the secret to true strength is to never form any friendships and to never hurt when a friend is hurt... The only time working together is useful is when you take advantage of your comrades using them as disposable pawns. To have true power and success you must learn others are simply pawns for you to use to further yourself, even your best 'friends' will turn on you so turn on them first!
Gbpa: ...shade...
cued flashback
Spoiler: click to toggle

He coughs some blood up and then he falls fully klimp the darkness recedes into him and his pupils dilate heavily and the whites of his eyes turn grey.

Gbpa: Shade you can't die yet!

Dragoon: I sympathize with you kid, but as a ninja you must learn to deal with loss and pain, ninjas die often, you must learn to harden yourself and not make friendships. Ninjas also will often betray you, that one may have been a good friend and a rival, but I can almost guarantee down the road he would betray you. You are too naive to be a ninja, if your best friend betrays you you must be able to kill him without regret. Brothers will even betray each other.

Gbpa: You lie! You can't be effective ninja without friendships, it gives you something to fight for!

Grizzly: Dragoon, your honorable foe shtick makes me sick. You can have no mercy on your prey.

Gbpa:....it...it can't be... Dragoon was right... Shade, my best friend and rival did betray us. (But, Dragoon must have gone through something similar, yet he could never truly heed his own advice. As he tried to help me...)
L turns and walks off, pausing to say one last thing.
L: Gbpa did you say? Heed my advice of going it solo for a while, it would be a shame to have to hurt any of your friends, wouldn't it.
He continues on into the distance.

Ninja RP
OOC: 2Am? Do you never sleep?
Doijom: This may be technically an Oases Island, but no land truly owns it. With what is going on here, you'll see ninja of every element.
(((Embassy Island is sort of like the UN, people come to discuss group issues)))
???: Hmph...
This strange guy stares at Gbpa evily.
Name: L
Age: 17
Level: advanced student
Look:Posted Image
Background/bio: Will be revealed in plot.
Skills: All out LVL1 (He becomes Rouge and his abilities increase) Miasma strikes (his physical attacks hit with miasma) Miasma Sword summon, Miasma blast(he brings his sword down and creates a large blast of Miasma.
Side: Will be revealed in the plot.

Doijom: Who are you?
L: ...I'm the Murkland representative and to you kid, you have something that is my birthright and I'll be taking it soon, so enjoy your life while you still can.

Ninja RP
Operator: Not in your current state, I sense your from 'out of town'. The Oases have a serum that can make you immune to the seawater surrounding them, the Oases evolved an immunity to the rare pathogens. It looks were almost to your destination.

Off on the shore in an alley
???: Yes, Master Felom... Trust me I won't fail you it all is going according to my plan perfectly, they are arriving expecting your minions are uninformed of their destination.
Felom's voice: I still wish you would tell me where the island is, but...
???: You will have the boy and as your right hand man, we will have taken control of most of Paraven, it will only be a bit of time before we can bring hadeselt back... They have no idea of my relation to you.
Felom closes the ninergy communication portal.
Felom: What a fool, i have no need for him...
???: What a sap, if my plan works he will have to bow to me.

Doijom: Were on Embassy isle now, right here.
Posted Image

Guitar Mii:World Tour!
What this is about.

Well the Wii owners get an exclusive and i'm not talking Activision actually doing something called 'work' to get at minimum a passable game, unlike their competition. Activision is giving us an exclusive only the wii has.
Enter your Mii!
If you got dirty thoughts you either have a dirty mind, have just read Genesis or need to be cooler and get the whole entering characters thing.
This mode appears to either be a music studio for the uttermost n00bs or your parents who made great progress turning your Wii on.
This mode also let's you play the instruments WiiMusic style, showing Activision has taken wiimusic to be a competitor to be feared.

Personally, I'm a bit meh. I'll probably just use the studio unless i want to jam hard with my Remote and Nuchuck alone.

Ninja RP
Ferry operator: I haven't been assaulted by rouge water ninja in years. We'll be at your destination in just a few minutes, Mr. Jack... um... Doijom.

The Brawl-Open Tournament
It's cool, just when the 27th rolls around hide his Xbox or keep him distracted. Or you could just talk to him now. If all else fails knock him out with a pool noodle or banana and stuff him in a closet. wiggitywack

Go to where the first democratic election of nrpm...

The Brawl-Open Tournament
Ok, now you guys have really done it. You won't see this until September 27th, because I have school from tomorrow on. I'll send periodic PM reminders aswell ok? It will also now go on the calendar.

Ninja RP
Doijom: Yes the past 15 minutes past like nothing.
Serenade: And look the ferry is right over there.
Serenade and Doijom walk over and pull out different looking cards and then they motion to everybody else.