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NRPM Charts 10:Worst titles
This refers to "Game titles" only.

10Kirby's air ride
It just reminds me of an auto repair shop in the middle of nowhere when your car breaks down on an unmarked dirt road.

Ok when you analyze his name it does sort of seem odd unless you think it means pac as in pack away(eating term) the dots.

8Brain age: train your brain in minutes a day.
This could easily go for longest title(BA:TYBIMAD). I think my brain's age is the same as my body's.

7Megaman Battle and chase
A racing game... whats battle have to do with it? Regarless it's still probably second to mario kart and if not 3rd to mario Kart with DKR being second.

6Bomberman jetters
One who struts; one who bears himself jauntily.
Thats what jetter means. :Oh Crap:

5Bomberman 642nd attack
You think nothing of this until you abbreviate or think about the name, it's got one character other than BM in common from starfox 64. It's fully different and it's abbreviated BM642A.

4Super Mario sunshine
Ok imagine you havent seen a screenshot, a video, a promotional offer or official art.
It sounds either Gay or Kiddie. When you do see it looks bland and unnatural.

3New Super Mario Bros.
It's one thing to have a bad codename (above) or revolution. Or a slightly cool one Dolphin. But you change it before release, this proves even a bad name can't crush a game. Perhaps people just thought of it as what it technically is, SMB4.

2Super Smash Bros.
Let's only super applies to mario, unless your using the hammer smash seems a strech and until you unlock luigi there are no brothers. :I don't see it.....:

1 Frogger
I can only imagine... Programmers sitting at a table with frogger finished thinking of a name. One suggests "Frog kill", "Why did the frog cross the road" and finally "Splat!". The head programmer shakes his head and the coffee boy says "what about random suffixes like Frogal, Frogy, Froging or Frogger." The Ceo worries Froging could lead to lawsuits and still hungover frogy sounds bad so he picks frogger.

well since blackyoshi/protoman hasn't been around i'm the sole MegaFan excluding you because you said you planned to quit forums. Also since I don't have it, I'm hoping to get it for my birthday.
When I do i'm getting leo though, i'll WiiMail my brother code when I do. :I fell asleep:
Summers have always oddly been slow. Maybe everyone else has nice weather not 11 days of 100+ straight up overnight from a summer of 80-60. I better not find out one of my neighbors prayed for warmer weather! :NOW I'M MAD!!!:

Ninja RP
Doijom: Or group... You know strongest ninjas student or sensei.

Bridge Collapse
Are they saying it's not in the best condition. (I don't follow bridges that much :Nuts: )
They had a documentary on arches and talked about how arched bridges are more sturdy/resilient. (actually circular in reality as in underground a circular tunnel would be very sturdy and not be as likely to cave)

Bridge Collapse
They showed pictures of local bridges that were the same design and they just looked like long metal planks (with railing so you don't fall off easily) connecting over small rivers. I could see If a lot of semis used them they could just break like that. The video they show the bridge looks different but it may just be the angle. I know arched bridges are supposed to be better than other bridges.

Ninja RP
Doijom: Will we be able to stop him... or will hadeselt return.

Japan reveals funny and interesting things
This is from the japanese smash bros. site.

Monday ~ Friday everyday in the midst of renewal!
'[sumabura]' [tsu] [te] what? With the one which is said please to this.
(It keeps renewing also this page sometimes)
Messenger of sub- sky'
Messenger ~ of large scuffle [sumatsushiyuburazazu] X ~ sub- sky'!
[gatsutsuri] it is possible to enjoy, it is the side scroll action game!!

This is 'the messenger of the sub- sky'!!

If you mention '[sumabura]', the opposition action game.
Concerning opposition however it has received high appraisal, by any means one for one person
When the game we would like to be complete, it is.

Then, the side scroll action game was made totally 1.
It does not become remainder noisy there is also a story and,
Securely, it makes and also the speedy movie and the like which is packed is inserted.

And being one more important, “raises the character,”.
The various background was shouldered, the famous character
It is cramped, it does and rages and in order to sow [ru], with other things just a little it is not seen.
The luxurious character coacts, it is the action game like dream.
Inserting the air being agreeable, because it makes, please in the pleasure.

Because the [a], it has entered into the software 1 of course, relief.
Game mode | adventure mode | 2007.8.3 (gold)

2007.8.2 (Wood)

Siege warfare

Reproducing 'the world of [huaiaemuburemu]'.
But the enemy castle which is in the midst of fighting whether it is which castle of some series
Especially it has not decided.

Receiving attack extremely, it increases.

There is a variety even in [emuburemushirizu], probably will be?
Therefore, please with the taste.

On the castle where the fire ball from the catapult flies about.
When, time it passes for a while, ......

The floor to come out, to inside the castle.

Not to pass between the throne the [mu] stone image (alias: [jiro]),
It is possible to destroy. [garagara] it deteriorates.

It is broken!

And, here it does not end.
And to underground world!!

As for underground world what kind of feeling?
As for that with the pleasure.
Stage | 2007.8.2 (wood)


2007.8.1 (Water)


'From [huaiaemuburemu]', [aiku] appearance!!
It thrives the both hands sword with one hand, it is great the owner of the arm.

Necessary, to take up shooting [waza] “sky”, the attack to large scuffle.
With heavy sword quality, single blow aim for the shooting necessary!!
Character | [aiku] | 2007.8.1 (water)

2007.7.31 (Fire)

Seed of dropping hole


It is the item which appears 'how you hit and in the forest'.
When it buries in the land, you say that it becomes the pitfall.
[itazura] lover, already there are cartridge viewing ones in the people.

When the seed of the dropping hole is thrown to the land, .......

[kirari] it goes out at that place.
When someone is caught, [zubotsu]!! With.

And the chance which arrives. With [niyari] Good Heavens.

Furthermore, even when not setting up, throwing directly, it is the effective ant.
Being able to throw the seed, it passes through the [ri] pulling out floor which it does!!
The one which is caught successfully, it is grief.
The item | usually the item | 2007.7.31 (the fire)

2007.7.30 (Month)

[donkikongu]: It is the last cutting [hu]


[donkikongu] is the last cutting [hu] just a little pleasantly the [ge].
How, that [tarukonga] was removed.
- It is.
And, [bonbokobonboko] it hits!!
However it is possible to have heard this way, therefore with special care, music
- The [ku] you will hear.
Adjusting to the beat, when it hits the button, to become, better it was.

With a pop [popon] and [konga] are hit.
Overfull [papan] and [handokuratsupu].

When the no [tsu] [te] it comes, power raises gradually!!
It is the how person.
And finish!!

Because during [waza] moving it is invincible, it hits freely and easily, but it is good, probably will be.
Simply, in and the like the forced scroll main point note ......Whether.
Character | [donkikongu]

Japan names:

Mario's final cutting/smash (sounds gassey huh?)

As for the enormous flame sphere which [mario] shot with the movie, being what?
That is the cutting [hu] of [mario], “[mariohuainaru]”.

[sumatsushiyuboru] was taken! Stand-by OK!!

Because [se] -,


It is spreading up and down because, from, in order to give the damage to the partner, as a height at the position where it floats a little, it should have shot from the left and right of field, probably will be.

When it is shot in [mario] of the partner, somehow it escapes!!

Link's cutting
Applying rush with try fourth?
Being the slash of try four?
Being troubled to such a thing, [ru] spare time without,
Link took [sumatsushiyuboru].
It shoots light from try fourth of the shell of the hand, applies!!
Vigorous dash!! The enemy is sealed in try fourth.
And at the speed which does not stop even in the eye the continual cutting!
Lastly finish! [zubaaaaa] [tsu]!!
The saddle you obtain this, will not there be one are aegagropila.
But if only the damage is given, without meaning to win is [sumabura].
Don't you think? fortunately striking to topography, perhaps, there are also times when it is saved

Pika final japan name:[borutetsuka]
Samus: Zero Lasers (yes plural)
Delfino: Dollar pick town? WTH!
Starfox ship:Rairatsuto
Bridge: orudein]Ohashi
AC:[ma] village which it does
DK stage: Otaki climbing
Pitstage:Sky boundary
FE: Siege warfare
Gooey bomb: Chewing Bomb... I'm not kidding... The japanese are funny.
Pitfall: Seed of dropping hole.
Knuckle joe:Knuckle jaw.
Assist trophy: Assist figure
Hammer bro. [hanmaburosu]The hammer of example is thrown with example!! (0.o)
Nintendog [nintendotsugusu]And - it is, it is lovely, -.there is no support and the [te], by your there is no jammer something?
It is good it is good. Because it is softened.The assist figure was not accustomed to the prayer character. Just a little because the maniac also the people are present, in the pleasure.
(anyone get the nintendog's Bio?)

What is this wood thing?

The adventures of don mario.
Part 3 new
Mario reaches up as he feels some pain on his face and when he pulls his hand down he sees it dripping red. Mario's eyes begin to glaze and he sees a puddle and kneels down to look at him self. He sees blood dripping from his face and his nose twisted to an odd angle. His mouth opens and he falls face first into the puddle. All of the sudden he feels great and realizes he's flying he has a winged red cap. He flys all around rainbows and clouds with faces. Then it get's dark and he begins to plummet. Below him lava ready to digest his flesh. He falls into the lava and all goes black.
He put's his hand up and feels sweat pouring off of himself. "Where am I."
"You passed out, You had lost so much blood you became delirious you talked about feeling free then, as your fever got worse you talked about pain the of your skin burning off. I brought you back... It's been 3 weeks." "Don?" Mario says. "Yes Pianta, Don pianta." Mario sits up and sees someone next to him. "Who is she she's so beautiful..." Mario says shocked. "She's Paula, the daughter of the legendary Spike construction family's CEO from earth... Some how she's noticed you and your brother and ended up here. Antonio! Look at me..." Antonio grudgingly looks away. "she passed out at the sight of your bloody body. She fell on a bald cleft and has a concussion." Pianta finishes and walks out the door. Then the Girl wakes up and antonio begins talking to her.

Look for megaman plug because I can't think of anything.
Roy looks around... "Bill crygor and your dog and cat... Jackie mantis... John T. and your wife... That stupid dog obsessed with italian icecream... Dan the goth... Miss fahran and you nobodys... Thats everyone" He walks up to John T. "I thought I told you to keep that freak Dan out! Tell him he needs to investigate that strange clan of fire breathing tortoises and train them, he's going to get burned one day. The rest of you find antonio! except you..." He points to fahran. I have something important to make you do...
Crygor flys off being just 20 and scan but doesn't find anything. He doesn't notices his pet's changing here either or that they begin making a cab.
Mantis is training his martial arts against the T's dance moves.
Dan however sits at the edge of a pit... tossing turtle feed backward.. "Hey! You the goth Freak!" A devil is hovering there... "I need someone to protect my son... You will somehow give birth to a daughter one day and die... My son will be her master, and one day kill her." Dan is in awe at the devil's offer as he always wanted a daughter but is too big off a freak... he shakes his hand and feels a jolt. He feels power growing and points at one turtle who begins growing larger in a cocoon. "You will have an army dan... Until I come for your soul..."

Both mario and paula sit at pianta SR's table. "Pass the penene please." Antonio says. Paula giggles while she passes it. "Your so cute Antonio."
Pianta Looks a bit uneasy almost as if he knew all that was happening... "I just hope I'm wrong. I don't want to explain that to my wife. I mean thats going to be the baby's room." He thinks before saying. "Mario we have a big day today, Toadsworth wants everything perfect for his son's wedding, we have to keep the shyguys from causing mayhem. You know they cause trouble we make them stop breathing... Standard mafia stuff." Paula interupts and says "I want to help." Pianta replys "well kid it's not that dangerous just keep your self low if they have bullet bill cannons."
Roy leaves with an angry face. "Mantis watch out..." He says and get's the rhetorical reply "I need more training than martial arts will beat disco." "Discos in our blood it's a fever!" Mr. T says. "I heard they are going to protect the mushroom wedding from shyguys." Crygor says as he opens a freezer that his pets walk in. "Here these are special steroids." He closes it. Roy takes the steroids and begins bloating... "What?" Roy shouts before some expletives. "Must be some bugs." Crygor says bewildered. "You think?!" Roy shouts. Let's get to the castle.
Dan shots "with this power no one could stop me!" "Except me..." a robed figure says before using a wand to push dan into the lava luckily dan is covered in soot just right the lava doesn't hurt him or perhaps it's the devil's doing. "I took his powers now to create a minion."

Ninja RP
Doijom: Without klaton to save our hide were doomed unless we train some very skilled ninjas. That why we have been ordered to form special emergency training pods with students to teach them advanced skills. I've picked those *points to Gbpa and kazui* If they fail to beat me though I won't take them. I'll go easy on them though. Your welcome to help me train them though if they beat me.
OOC: Where did Spider/General Guy go?