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Gbpa's Comic.
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Who's the duplighost is he important, but more imortently whats luigi got up his sleeve?

Net neutrality?
Whats your opinion?
If you don't know what it is read below.

Certain companies who are ISPs *cough* AT&T *sneeze* Microsoft *sneeze* *Cough* trying to gain control of the internet(anti net neutrality), what they want to do is select a few websites that you can access and make the rest really slow and hard to find. What will control who gets this bonus is money, they are trying to take the perfect alternate world of the net and make it like a big bill board! Other companies have to pay a lot to get on there so it will soon end up a giant advertisement area. Further if you look ahead you'll see the chaos ensuing over this giant ad. Say AT&T did get there way you think they would let any of their competition be easily accessed I doubt it so they would gain an unfair monopoly. Then suppose Microsoft payed a large sum to keep their competitors out, they make xbox so no sony or Nintendo sites, they make computers and Operating systems so goodbye opponents. They are responsible for internet explorer so no firefox, netscape or other browser. But say it's sony who got their first another jack of all trades company, again xbox no, Nintendo no. TVs? stereos? so on? Only sony's. In those cases nintendo almost exclusively only in video games would be almost powerless to economic tyranny.
Then suppose they went to other 'ity's? equality someone could pay to have there site standard size. "I'm sorry Mr. Johnson you have to little content, and Mr. Brown you have to much I'll have to delete your site or charge you an extra $500,000 fee."

In elections the canidate with the most money could give himself an advantage too. Oh and the little guys like me, pie and others where are we going to get money to compete with microsoft, sony and "the Donald"? (ok "the Donald" was a joke) No our sites would be pushed aside and slowed down to worse than dial-up speed on the highest connection possible. Worse there are politicians who want this even though it would devastate the free enterprise that has made little men like my relative colonel sanders rich. New companies would not be able to compete either we would end up with probably so few companies we could count them on our hands like Microsoft(or sony), AT&T, "Jack in the mcdonald Fried chicken bell hut" and so on...

I'm for it. (edit "for" means against the companies)

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:I don't see it.....:

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:Mario and the endless shroom: VS. :Goomba2:

Should I bring back the icon elections?
I stoped since people stoped voting and one month would be delayed for months, However if people want it to restart i'll start it up again but remember if you vote yes you should also plan to vote whenever you can. If I do restart it people will have to vote other than me, and it will be in rules and more. unless someone can suggest a better place.

DK Caption contest 2
In a week (probably) I'll anounce the winners come on everybody participate.
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Rushhour sucks in the jungle.
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Dk: I forgot to use deoderant....
Taj: Yeah.... Wait whats that tingling....

Ok this was only to bring you here... these are almost over, please head over to a place of virtual space.

DK Caption contest.
Sorry for not updating this.... Well linkirby wins all these as the only entrant so he gets 2 points... come on everybody participate... there may be prizes given out if more people participate.

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Well still at least for now I don't really want anymore emoticons.

We're never doing one of these threads again!

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No thank you, each emoticon uses of some of the room on the forum, I may eventually have to get rid of some.

i'm back!
I probably will do kirby next then DK skins.

i'm back!
well you saw the skin changer.... I made the mario skin and Not a lot more.

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I havent uploaded it yet I will.

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:Oh Crap:

i'm back!
Cool, I'm sorry about your PC problems.

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I may not be able to find any good cow pictures....

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:I win:

Spaming Grounds
I'll probably join later.

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You like the mario skin? It for some reason to me feels christmassy/other december holdiay in a way. Probably the stars and sparkleing dust on a space background. I think i'll stick with the mario one personally I think I did a good job for my first original skin. What do you think should be the next skin should have?

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What skin are you using? I'm still using the default. Oh yeah I made a new skin this morning, Note i'm completely responsible for the new mario skin. I'm using Mario Demension.