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Small Weapon Capsule
Small Weapon Capsule (smah-ll weh-pun cap-suhl)Posted Image
One pop of these little babies and a robot's current Weapon Energy Bar will replenish a tiny bit of energy. Although being called capsules it is not likely robots ingest these as some kind of cybernetic vitamin supplement.
In the image you have the Buster Oval, the Gem, the Ball from one of those knicknack dispensers in stores and the Orb styles.
They will only replenish the Weapon Energy Bar of the particular weapon the copyrobot(MegaMan, ProtoMan, Bass and Duo are the only confirmed robots to steal the abilities of slain enemies.) has currently equipped. For example if you have FireMan's FireStorm equipped it will replenish the energy of only that weapon. If you have the buster or a rush suit equipped it will be wasted and do nothing.
If you have the EnergyBalancer it will replenish the lowest weapon regardless of what you have equipped.

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Big Energy Pellet
Big Energy Pellet (big en-er-gee pehl-et)Posted Image
These are items that recover a good bit of MegaMan or, presumably, any other robot's Energy Bar. Unlike the Small Energy Pellet, these are a bit more rare and often lie unguarded in the last couple levels among Large Weapon Capsules. Minor enemies like Mettaur often drop these items. Like the smaller versions other robots like ProtoMan, Duo and Bass have been confirmed to be compatible with these.

Posted Image

Missed the boat by a few years, eh?

starforce 3
Why would that mean it is the end? His father was only really a plot point in the first game. I never felt like the over arching arc was about rescuing his father. I think it could be the end of this chapter in starforce, I think the next chapter will jump about 5 years into the future and go for 3 more games.

Nintendo making talk of a new Smash Bros.!
Mallow and Geno are SE characters, not Mario.

Small Energy Pellet
Small Energy Pellet (smahl en-er-gee pehl-et) Posted Image
Ok in the image you got your original MegaMan "Light Bulb" style, then the one we all recognize, then the "Lantern" from MegaMan7 and finally the energy ball from MegaMan: The Power Fighters. These items regardless of the style they are manufactured in, restore a tiny bit of MegaMan's Energy Bar. They are not limited to just MegaMan, Bass, ProtoMan and Duo have all used these to stay alive. It can safely be assumed that all robots can restore health with this. Minor enemies like Mettaur drop these randomly among other items, like Big Energy Pellets.

This is real and creepy....
Jul 26 2009, 07:33 PM
About time it got updated... (Don't look at me, I'm not the head admin.)

Um, wow, okay... At first I didn't get it, but then I did, weird.
T_T Hey, i'm limited by what RunawayRed has done, I could never make something and have it match his.

This is real and creepy....
I probably should work on getting n-cyclo articles for every rank... but not until after i finish up everything in the original MegaMan. (except each unnamed stage... maybe)

This is real and creepy....
Yeah, I'm about to update the rank thread.

This is real and creepy....
*puts arm around runawayred* You see some people fell on their heads as children and become retarded excentric. Then they develop weird fetishes sometimes dealing with bodily excrements...

(Yay! more matching rank pictures!)

Edit: after thinking I might offend real retarded people by grouping weirdos like that in with them.

This is real and creepy....
That is why we get it, why anyone would search that is a mystery.

This is real and creepy....
It is a list of what searches we appear on.

This is real and creepy....
This image can speak for itself, other than the face I did not change this... And why are we number two? Someone is going to have to explain...
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Who searches that... Other than Google...

starforce 3
Our two cheap DSes! Except you have the new model... I swear Nintendo wants to be apple... They sit around and go "No, use the cheap plastic. We want it to naturally breakdown in 6 months for when we release the DSi nano!"

starforce 3
Why would you put all of your cannons in the card trader? :Who would have guessed?: Sure they are not good, but...

Some things I'm working on.
On the Poke-mon wouldn't you want to class change(evolve) at the highest level you can reach in your current form? Or is the evolution nothing like class changing in FireEmblem and you get no bonus for hard work and great strategy?
Scribledex... try ROFLCOPTER! I would laugh so hard if a RoflCopter appeared and gunned everything down.

NOA sucks so hard!
Jul 24 2009, 03:08 PM
:XD: I think Black Mambas are 'cute'
You have problems man, serious problems...

You apparently never had a Kirby cake and Kirby balloons for one of your birthdays. You never made Kirby and Waddledee erasers. (granted I made an awesome clay Mario doll too! (and he isn't Kirby) Yoshi looks like he has down syndrome though.) Any Kirby collectible has value... I'm the equivalent to your snowman statue aunt, and cow statue cousin. Except mine is videogame related, particularly Kirby and MegaMan.

starforce 3
Did you actually dismantle your DSi yet? This might help you if you do take it apart.

NOA sucks so hard!
But it isn't just a Frisbee... It has Kirby's adorable little mug plastered on it! How can you forget a frisbee coated in pure, sickeningly sweet cute awesomeness?!

starforce 3
Jul 24 2009, 08:18 AM
Jul 21 2009, 01:30 PM
I thought you returned to human(jacked out) with R too?
So theoretically I could position myself so that the spot to touch to enter a machine or something was in the spot my touchscreen likes to register a lot? Rather than looking for a spot where it flashes.
yeah you do turn human with R. And wut???

EDIT: Oh I know what you mean I think. You can jack in anywhere regardless of position of course you still gotta trans into stuff in which a big pop-up will appear on your bottom screen you should be able to touch.

btw the game is easier than the other ones, and they were easy already! I beat every boss only getting hit only once so far. My online recod is terrible though (45 wins, 64 battles)
It sounds like I might be able to play. I also discovered something, if my DS receives impact on the left side it temporarily acts a lot better.