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Exxon breaks records in earnings!
Exxon of gasoline infamy has again broke records of total earning with over 11Billion in earnings, while they claim their profit is not in the high tier (only 8.5%) it nets them over 99 million in pure excess. This isn't even yearly earnings, this is just the last quarter.
I'll do the math again, that is almost 400 million in pure earnings annually.

The least they could do is give you a free fountain drink or candy bar with every fill-up. :P

Internet channel...
Jul 31 2008, 11:20 AM
How can they ban you from using a channel?! Where'd you get this banning them from.
The same way they supposedly can ban you from wi-fi connection for being vulgar and obcene online. I got it from skimming the terms, that anything like p0rn/racist or nazi/rouge government faction is grounds for banning. I may have also heard of one guy who pushed it and was banned.
I know a lot of Xbox owners get themselves banned over and over, it's probably the same kind of thing.

I've went on a few p0rn sites

So have I, they haven't banned me. I think I also read somewhere nintendo considers p0rn to be nudity or anything that can be deemed sexual. I have a feeling it is kind of like this forum host, they ban all this, but until someone 'complains' they ignore 'most' of it.
Personally I think although p0rn isn't good, they shouldn't be sticking their noses into that.

#&@%!$* Idiots!
Heres the petition!

I'm going to my grandma's tomorrow.

I got StarForce2
My Zerker code is 5413-1854-1075

#&@%!$* Idiots!
I'll look into a petition tomorrow.
Edit: Nintendo has the ability to sell them while paying royalties, but screw royalties. Those soulless dastards also said they will make their own Classic controllers for Nintendo after they stop.

Internet channel...
Jul 30 2008, 12:55 PM
No you can't, but I could've gotten somethin' else... I may put it on a sd card and give it to a friend of mine.
I don't think they let you do that. I probably would have recomended "Lololo&Lalala"

Ninja RP
Gbpa: So where is it?
Doijom: That is a good question, I know it is on this side of the land and it is in the center of the city here, but we should ask someone where it is.

Internet channel...
Jul 29 2008, 08:03 PM
I got it, unfortunately it can't run videos from gamespot, but other than that it fits my needs.

Unfortunately the game I got with my other Wii points was a game I already had, Kirby's Adventure for NES... Well apparently it is the same game as Nightmare in Dreamland, which I had two copies of (both were given to me, so I've only spent five bucks, but still kinda sucks, a waste of five bucks to somebody who makes less than minimum wage per hour.)
Yeah, Kirby's Adventure is the more fun version though IMO. But 500 points is something difficult to deal with, you can't even do SNES (I don't think)

Internet channel...
The browser can go anywhere however it is very restrictive as in many videos won't work, and you wouldn't want to go somewhere that requires a lot of typing. They threaten to ban you from it if you accidentally run into p0rn because of a one letter mispell which is amazingly easy but I have yet to hear of them banning someone unless they really try to get banned
It's most useful function is to watch youtube on your TV. There are some Wii only gaming sites, but you run into a lot of broken or far to huge files.
About your site only if what you need there is just space, A and S. (and arrow keys)

Wii E3
Jul 29 2008, 10:29 AM
I saw a few good games, however those I probably won't be allowed to play, and/or they are for PC. One of the cool ones I saw was demigod, unfortunately it will probably be rated M, and it is for the PC. Now Deadly Creatures (which GBPA already pointed out in this thread) looks amazing. I was disappointed that there was no Kirby news, or for that matter Golden Sun news, for several years there have been rumors on Golden Sun 3, but nobody has clarified anything.
I bet Deadly creatures will get a T, depending on the secret you unravel.

The rumor of Golden Sun 3 is it will be for wii, because camalot confirmed they are working to bring an epic RPG to wii, people are betting on GS or a spinoff of GS.

I mainly check their reasons, because I don't trust ESRB to do a good job. I mean "F-zero GX" and SF: assualt got T ratings.
It is a racing game, just because it is too difficult for little kids doesn't mean it should get a T.

Metroid Prime.
I wasn't saying he was wrong I was just saying that being overly strict can have negative psychology if they arn't careful how they go about it. (Also another problem parents can have is they just make rules and have no reason, when a child asks and you say "because I said so!" They have no idea why you even made it, if you talk to them about why you did. They will understand where your coming from and later-on be able to make better choices without you. Personally I think explanations are the best kind of parenting because some rules could seem bizarre without a reason.)
For example some Christian parents will be so anal about sex that they send the message it is sinful even in the right contexts and make their children feel weird when they get married.
I also wasn't trying to say he sounded controlling he sounds like a pushover to the teacher(s) I was talking about. (She had a room full of 17 and 18 year-olds terrified! and if an 8th grader messed up it would come down on everybody! (This is just the tip of the iceberg, she even singled someone out who was doing nothing wrong, until they finally talked back.))

This is getting off topic we probably should make a debate topic to continue this or end it soon.

Ninja RP
Doijom: Well do we want to wait for Meshi? We could go tour the Grand Windmill without him, the Grand Windmill is the largest windmill, it is made mostly out of copper and represents the freedom we have as ninja.

Metroid Prime.
Your parents sound strict... Well tell him it doesn't have a gun it has a 'photon emitting arm mechanism.' (Hey, it's true!) Wait he let's your brother play but not you? Even so his parenting is the kind that creates negative psychology, I had some teachers who really were controlling and only caused through psychology the opposite mindsets of what they wanted.
Enough of me rambling...
You might have best luck with hunters, unless your Wii is in your room.
I'm not the biggest fan of the prime series, simply because of certain tall, circular, lava filled rooms I spent hours trying to find a room I didn't try and I thought I'd found the direction I needed to head with the map, but I didn't.

The Brawl-Open Tournament
I also moved the date ahead a week.

The Brawl-Open Tournament
Wait, whats your friendcode?
The date may be pushed back though.

Ninja RP
Tournament? You mean the Wi-fi tournament or are you talking the RP that this thread was once part of?
(Long story, the topic number was 'evil' and strange things happened in the topic.

Ninja RP
Gbpa: I wanted to learn a Windokun while I was here...
Doijom: Your element is wind correct? Being here if you meditate it should come naturally.
Gbpa: Cool!
Gbpa sits down cross legged with both hands together as if they were holding a ball, every so often a glow makes a short appearance, then with a gust of wind an orb forms. Gbpa turns and leaps up to a windmill and drives his orb into a blade causing it to spin wildly and create a cyclone.

OOC: Well this Rp is different so you have to register everybody. The preregistration only really applies to Rps like bowsers castle. (If they just popped in unaltered in this RP or in say the Vampire one it would be absolute chaos.) It might be best if I made a subforum for those that can be preregistered in.

The Devil's Advocate thread
Hrm... Well... I suppose, it will probably be harder for you to get answers though if people arn't that religion. People would have to just go by what they heard.
It might be better to get it's own topic, it is a bit hard to read...

Do you get a drug reference out of 'High as a kite'?
By the way what around back stuff are you talking about?

This is why I think they need to throw away the E10 rating and have a T15, more maturing goes on between 13 and 18 than 6 to 12. Actually, i'd be alright if they kept E10 even though I feel it is overkill, a T15 is much more needed though, i've seen some M rated games and R rated movies that are a lot cleaner than E or PG rated and you just go WT...