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Glory of Heracles
Interim Review
I'm about halfway so i'll review it up to now and return when I finish it. First off this is a very love/hate game. Which is impressive. Never have I hated playing a game so much and loved it simultaneously.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics remind me of Golden sun. There are essentially the opposite. Instead of freaky sprites pretending to be 3D, we have 3d models in a game that probably would have been better using sprites. Too often the characters are so small all of the work on the models is wasted. You also have a camera you can freely rotate at times. A minor annoyance, but you must have items and doors on screen to open or collect them. You also have a map, but the camera is often slanted and locked so it makes the map more difficult to traverse.

Music 8/10
Too often I've felt like I was hearing a remix of the Golden sun music.

Gameplay 3-9/10
Here is the biggest love hate part. The battle system is very refreshing and addictive, but can also be a pain. Magic is cast using 6 different Ethers, essentially a ripoff of synergy except ether is an invisible force all around you that changes depending on what happens in battle. Not using ether causes it to grow, using ether makes anti-ether, key for using black magic. Both you and your enemies use ether, so they will mess with your ether. You also need MP which is pretty scarce. This is a great system. You also have a 2X5 area to move around in battle, as do your enemies. Being up front allows you to hit front row enemies and increases liklihood of getting hit. Being in the back forces you to use magic or special powers and decreases your chance of being targeted. This system is also great. Lastly of the good things, you can play a mini-game when you cast magic to make your attack stronger which gives you something to do through the long battles.
Battles are long. A normal battle can take about as long as bosses in the GS games or most other RPGs. Ironically, the boss battles in this game are far shorter. It often feels like you are getting pulled into battle too often, particularly on the world map. To make the world map more annoying it is the one place you cannot run through. Status effects are also more plentiful and common in this game than any other. Literally, a few hits from current enemies also can kill a character. Revive spells are very costly and items are very rare, which can drive you crazy. Each equip also carries special abilities and magic. The special abilities are a welcome addition and can allow you to randomly dodge enemy attacks, strike criticals, regain hp, regain mp and so on. Towns are also more unique, yet very bland. So far there has been one town that could count as a city. Towns may or may not have each kind of shop and prices vary. For example an early town could scalp you for a room in an inn and a later town might practically give a room away. This also freshens the game up a bit and makes it feel more realistic. Unfortunately as of now you are often barred from back tracking very much. There also is a mysterious luck system. When you find and take items in homes or abandoned barns you will lose luck forever. No one knows what luck does. Some claim it removes items from chests, others say they tested and it did nothing. Regardless, the items in homes are nice, often being stat builders. There also are random hard battles, where you face deadly enemies or mass numbers of enemies. Lastly, there are annoying places it will bar you from saving for long periods.

Controls 8/10
The menus are set up a little awkwardly. The game also forces you through tutorials that make you use the awkward, annoying touch screen mode. If you play with the touchscreen after the tutorials you will commit suicide.

Story 6/10
You play as a young immortal who is told he is Heracles, despite being weak. You meant a transvestite who dresses as a man for no reason other than comic relief and to not be discriminated against. Then you meant a narcissist. Then you meet the real Heracles in jail for stealing a sandwich from the Spartans. There are numerous references to the Spartan memes. From the crossdresser telling how her father threw her off a cliff to prove she was immortal and the narcissist asking if her parents were Spartan. Countless use of the line 'This is Sparta' and jokes about how strict sparta is. Plus when you save Heracles you jump into a giant pit... Speaking of pit there is a Kid Icarus reference. Also the line "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!" from LOTR is used very frequently. Achiles is called a heel. The storyline can also get a bit annoying, for example a long dungeon you cannot save in. At the end you don't get a cool city to explore, you get a lone temple. You are told your existence is an abomination, but the Greek gods are merciful so you can live. Then you are thrown back to the earth. I had to do the dungeon in one sitting for that!? It also isn't explained why Heracles is so weak in battle yet owns everyone out of battle. There is a lot of Greek mythology and you even amass a database of mythology which is cool. Heracles also beats up a princess. Thankfully, they also seem to have decided to ignore the part of the mythology about Heracles being a homosexual. There also are annoying mistakes such as street lamps and other things that shouldn't exist.

All in all, if you have patience get the game. Be prepared to be annoyed to no end, but love it. If you don't do GoldenSun or Command Mission; which both freshen quite a bit, but are difficult to hate.

Emu ethics?
First off, I'm not endorsing emus; i'm simply posing the question about ethics. Also i'm referring to the emus you can be arrested for, not stuff like MS Dos that emulates the Dos OS.

Are Emus inherently evil? Are there times there isn't anything morally wrong with emus? Putting aside the legality, is it founded and unethical in all cases?
What if there is a game that was never released in America? No one loses one penny, because you would have never played it otherwise; and you may actually help bring the game over to America to be bought legally.
Also, what if you can no longer buy a game new? Publishers won't earn anything if people use emus, but neither will they if you buy a used game. Is it then irrelevant if you buy a game used and put several dollars into GameStop's pocket? GameStop did nothing worthy of earning anything on used games. They give someone $5 for a game and turn around and sell it for $47 dollars without a manual or game case; it pretty much guarantees you won't trade in when you see your game selling for the same price used as new, and they are like 'We'll give you $4.83.'
I think we would all agree using an emu when you can buy new is wrong, and even going so far as to be retarded; if you really like the game you need to support it with money, otherwise there will be no sequels or support. It doesn't matter if everyone on the planet plays, if only a few percent paid the game will fail and what you will love will be destroyed by your hand.

Putting the law aside, is it really immoral to use roms for foreign games or games that are no longer sold new?

Might as well just toss a raft and a noodle in and call it a pool!
At least some nasty carpet from the 80's has to go and the basement needs to be organized.

Yeah... I kind of feel weird starting a new novel, but I'll get them done eventually. XD
Well there is one that relates to dreams.
One that is essentially a specialized version of something similar to an x-men like story; but written as a novel and with logic and more believability.
A sequel to the novel I have completed; which if things go badly can just become a long epilogue as I cry myself to sleep t night. One installment just isn't enough to wrap up the plotlines...
Then the vampire/zombie one, which is very different in style and impresses me. As long as I can do the zombies without becoming cheesy I think I'll be golden.

I'd like to try to get some stuff published, but i'm just holding back because I want to know what pulls people into 'fad novels' like Stephen King, Harrey Potter and Twilight; both what the authors do differently from the 'failures' and what attracts enough of the masses that they tell others. A diagram of how they become popular would be ideal. Like are they recommended or does it tie into the popularity contest somehow. Essentially, why does the early adopter snatch it and then how do they spread knowledge of it?

Heh heh...

Now my question is why didn't BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!! catch on as well as some of this other crap only a paste eater would laugh at? T_T
Granted since Kanye is a d-bag, that is totally funny.

3DS discussion
don't forget the Paper Mario remake... And SSFIV3DS... I bet we'll see a SSFIVWii announced and by connecting you will unlock Alex and Q.

Kid Icarus 3DS
I just watched the video and am impressed. It looks to be the child of StarFox and Zelda, just the tease of zelda style dogfighting had me thinking this could end up a good game. Plus Palutena (and Medusa) is hot! wiggitywack

I'm still not sold on why I should sell my 'genesis' DS and lose the GBA slot though.
Hey! I just caught a funny coincidence.
At the end of the press conference when they allow the press to play the 3DS you can hear Uprising by muse playing. The name of Kid Icarus is Uprising... I think Muse is going to play a large role somehow!
Giant evil teddy bears of doom arise and destroy the angel, because Medusa is so hawt I want to take her clothes off! trustme :I dont no anything about that...:

3DS discussion
Well opinions?

I think it has more potential than I initially expected and has a lineup to crap for. I'm still sad it doesn't have a GBA slot though.
I'm sure you've heard, but it produces 3D images by projecting multiple images in such a way your mind interprets it as 3D. Reports also say angle has no effect.

Might as well just toss a raft and a noodle in and call it a pool!
My basement is full of water. We've been sucking the water up and emptying it but it keep coming. It would be nice if the lay of the basement led to the drain, but instead it is like.

Text doesn't do it justice but it does slant down for about a foot from the drain and then it gets flatish and then it begins sloping at about 30 degrees away from the drain. Did the people who made this basement have bad levels or were they drunk. Throughout the whole basement you have random slight hills and valleys between more pronounced valleys it is like an illogical undulation.

I also sat down last night and begin to write a new story. I am currently writing like 4 different novels, but they all are markedly different in style. It has ended up having to do with vampires, and I'm going to soon introduce 'zombies.' So far it is very serious and it has highlighted a vampire's life and how he has tried to abstain from his urges and become a doctor is a rural mid-western town. He is mopey and depressed because he attracts many women who want to be with him, but cannot in good morals risk turning them or procreating and forcing another person to endure his suffering. Then another vampire comes into town causing a ruckus and the town, who suspected all along, but knew he was a benevolent healer begin to turn against him. Also yes, I address the irony of a celibate vampire working as a doctor. Also, yes; zombies will come but it won't end up lame like everything else having to do with zombies.