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Peta unhappy with Obama
Oh sorry. Yes, it is true.

I have actually never witnessed a dog chase it's tail or chase a car. I always chocked that up to being part of the false stereotype of dogs, like dogs being unintelligent. I meant some animals actually act as if they realize their reflection is themselves. For example elephants grooming themselves with the aid of a mirror. I also meant my dog acts as if he realizes that mirrors reflect reality. For example if he sees anybody new he gets all hyper and excited, yet if he sees the reflection of someone who he is currently with he doesn't act excited. (Maybe breed of dog has something to do with it. I think I read the breed of dog(poodle) I have is the smartest or one of the smartest breeds.
What about babies? Babies have to learn that mirrors reflect reality. My niece when she was younger had no idea the truth of mirrors. As she has gotten older she has a firmer grasp on what a mirror is, she no longer recognizes herself and others as other people and a baby. She also has been very advanced intellectually. If self awareness ties into having a soul*, wouldn't that mean until recently she didn't have a soul?
Like I said I believe humans are God's ultimate creations having a soul (probably) on an equal par to God. But I believe he would ethically create less sophisticated souls for the animals that morality would dictate he must.

*which ethically it does.
(this is getting off of topic! :XD: )

Is this the week of death?!
I tell you if Jay Leno is next I'll cry! I can't keep dealing with David Letterman and Conan! Conan is the lamest comedian since Gilbert Gottfried. I swear I watched part of one of his shows and one of my brain cells died... XD
Letterman, just apparently cannot deliver a joke well. If he worked on his delivery he could be great, but it holds him back.

Is this the week of death?!
never heard of them...

Double your megas, double your fun!
This game is the full on BattleNetworkVs.StarForce. How exactly this will be awesome is still a mystery, but we know very well mixing those two will be awesome! I just wanted one of Starforce's extra quests to revisit BN areas and Netnavi/virus, but you know this is fine as long as it is canon.
Imagine Megaman.exe and EM MegaMan working together to take down Bass and Rouge. Although I want Duo to return in Starforce I don't want this to be his return. The question now is who is the villian? Wily is reformed and in Jail, Regal lost his mind. Maybe Bass?
LOL! Think about Dex seeing his doppleganger, Bud. Or Mayl seeing Sonia, Yai Zack, Geo Lan and Someone Luna.
Here is the Url!

Peng (pay-ng) Posted Image
These penguin robots are much like KillerBullets simply flying in from one side of the screen. In fact they are probably the same enemy just with a sprite swap so it fits into IceMan's stage. In reality penguins cannot fly, so why they are designed to fly is anyone's guess.

Mettaur (met-ar) Posted Image
Originally named Met, Mettaur has a sturdy hard hat that protects him from virtually everything. Looking like a construction worker they have been known to carry pickaxes. Perhaps their name comes from the word helmet, maybe it doesn't. Early Mettaur were nothing but a helmet and eyes, as the games progressed they began to gain legs and take up new roles such as astronauts, train conductors and diving. They are the definite MegaMan enemy appearing in almost every MegaMan game. They are so iconic that they even survived into the X timeline. In the Battle Network series they generally are yellow, pink or blue and they attack with pick axes. The Yellow ones never use their helmets for some reason. In StarForce they are unchanged, short of having an antenna and being called Metenna.

Flying Shell
Flying Shell (fly-ing sh-el or mam-boo) Posted Image
These enemies reside in a protective shell. They will float a ways, open and fire in all directions, close and repeat. They way they shoot makes them tough to deal with.

Killer Bullet (kill-ur Bull-it) Posted Image
These enemies fly in from the side of the screen much like Peng. They attempt to body slam MegaMan. Unlike real bullets they are not too fast.

Flea/Kamadohma (flee or cahm-ah-dough-ma) Posted Image
This are tiny, fast, hopping enemies in the original MegaMan. They are not too tough but their speed is their biggest strength.

Is this the week of death?!
First the Publisher's clearing house guy dies, then that chick and Michael Jackson and Now Billy Mays. This is not a good week for celebrities or major figures, If I was someone famous or powerful I'd watch my back for a while! The reaper has come for those who sold their soul for fame or power.

Gabyoall (g-ah-bee-o-all) Posted Image
The father of all nearly indestructible slider enemies. Most bosses use these and they just slide back and forth essentially invulnerable to your buster. There is not a lot to say about these guys.

FootHolder (foot-hole-dur) Posted Image
What was Dr. Wily thinking telling the reprogrammed IceMan to put FootHolders throughout the impassable chasm preceding his waiting spot?! Footholders are a bizarre enemy, on one hand they are made specifically so you can stand on their heads and ride them over IceMan's pit with ease. Yet like Goonies from Mario they will also attack you. They have a cannon on either side that shoots horizontally which they will try to knock you off of other FootHolders with.

Crazy Razy
Crazy Razy (cray-zee ray-zee) Posted Image
This guy appeared on IceMan's stage. He would run at you and if attacked would lose his lower body and become a floating head. Perhaps he is crazy because of how bizarre an enemy he is. He certainly seems random in subzero temperatures.

Tackle Fire
Tackle Fire (Tack-ul fye-ur) Posted Image
Simply a ball of fire they made their debut raining down throughout Fireman's stage. Not an incredible threat unless they knock you into some lava. In Megaman two they were reduced to being thrown as an attack by HotHeads on Quickman's stage.

Blader/BunbyHeli (Blay-dur and Bun-be-Hell-ee respectively) Posted Image
Interestingly, although the official artwork depicts him as red, he is only seen being Blue or Green in the original Megaman. His Method of attack is to fly overhead and they swoop down when he sees Megaman.
GutsMan and CutMan have hired him to make getting to their respective lairs a little tougher on their brother.

Bombomb (bom-bomb or bomb-omb) Posted Image
This is considered a MegaMan enemy although simply being a bomb. Bombombs are shot up through pits where they proceed to blow up. They are made so that after detonating they will send shrapnel flying increasing the chance of getting hit. These are one of the enemies that could do no damage and be deadly, simply because it increases your chance of falling in the pit.
So far BombMan is the only robot master to employ these weapons.

Don't get this enemy mixed up with Bob-omb(often misspelled and misspronounced Bomb-omb) often employed by Bowser in the Mario series.

Blaster (bl-as-ter(soft e in ter like in banner)) Posted Image
Also sometimes known as a Beak, Blasters are attached to walls. They are protected by a thick shield that they drop to fire a couple shots. So far they have only appeared in the original MegaMan on BombMan and CutMan's stages.

Spits water
Posted Image

I love this part!
"woman who is perplexed concerning the eyes which are scooped so by the absorption where something which is these is red, is. Sou Gee remains not to be clear how, characteristic is shown.
As for the ice house of BombMan and CutMan"

BombMan and CutMan have an ice house?
I bet BombMan is freeloading in his brother's homemade ice house. I wonder if when they disagree BombMan blows the ice house up.

BigEye (big-eye) Posted Image
BigEye is what you would call the miniboss of the original MegaMan. He is the hulking monster that fills players with dread and fear when they see him hopping over. He can quickly eat your health meter to a few pellets and it takes many shots to fell him. His method of attack is to hop toward MegaMan slowly, yet seemingly accurately. He is not fast, so if you can slip by just run!
BigEye also made it into MegaMan Network Transmission as one of the viruses on the stage of ElecMan.exe, a homage to his appearance on ElecMan's stage among many of MegaMan's other brother's stages. The BigEye virus attacked much like his ancestor and also could take a punch or thirty. I believe the chip he drops is FootStmp(Foot Stomp) like the Powie/Flappy viruses in that game.

The meme topic
No! all your base are belong to us!